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Tori's Tale from the South; Arkansas via California 1973 Timmy

Updated on August 4, 2012

LillyLG Productions all rights reserved July 30, 2012 Cloning, mixing, matching, harvesting or copying this work without a link back to this site is prohibited

Turtle Rescue - Turtle rescues us - Rain
Turtle Rescue - Turtle rescues us - Rain | Source

When did Tori come to the belief that a southern accent was the voice of honesty?

He had her by her curiosity.

A couple, of her cronies, and also regulars from Ye Old Note & Tong; Frog and his girl Rebel, hung out with Tori and a group ranging from bikers to acid heads, every weekend night, at the backside,of the famous Ice House Comedy Club; they called The Note & Tong.

Frog had warned her that his friend from Arkansas was in town, and they were taking bets on him beating her in pool. As they knew it would, that made Tori mad. She was ready to use all of her secret weapons on the pool table.

She watched him from the bar area for a while. She was waiting on the round of beer for their table. She could not help be curious. It was like he was from a different planet.

Timmy from Arkansas. According to Frog and Reb, Timmy's family owned a large ranch at the foot of the Ozark Mountains. He had lots of brothers and sisters, many acres of gardens each year, cows, horses, chickens, goats, you name it.

Returning with the tray of a pitcher and 4 iced beer steins, her inquisitiveness as well as her dark brown eyes were aimed initially at his Southern Accent, and the words that were coming out of his mouth. His attentive stance and demeanor proved that Timmy did not miss much. He looked ready to leap, if someone said jump to him in a funny way. He was trim. He had a warrior's body, naturally fit, muscular but in humble and hidden fashion.

Timmy knocked Tori off of her pool game. He knew he had her in his control, and played her like a guitar. Tori's instant belief in the twanging man’s honesty and innocence made no sense. She hung on his every word, half of which she could not understand.

Tori; a street wise survivor, realized quickly that she was out of her element

Tori; a street wise survivor, it took Tori some time before she realized she was out of her element when dealing with a Southern Man. Her 5 feet, and 7 inches came just under his 5 foot and 9 inch tall frame. She matched him in thinness, with a gymnast body, dark hair matched her beaming brown eyes. Tori would have worn a size 35 bra, if she wore one, and although her titties were not big, they were firm and "pretty".

What no one from the Tong knew, or even suspected was that Tori was just 14 years old when she first started hanging there. She lied about her age for so long, she had a hard time figuring her own real date of birth. She was now 15, and was considered a regular.

Tori did not like having to admit to herself, that she had taken a quick inventory on what else may be ringing her bells about this Timmy dude. It was not just his pool playing skills. His tattoos were crude enough to be automatically termed jailhouse tats, but the stories they may contain were a roadmap up and down his arms. She wanted to wrestle him, or more like have him wrestle her to the mat, and see how they could dance.

True, Tori found herself fascinated by his jet black hair, long, and hanging past the belt loops of his embroidered jeans.

Maybe what was warming her low in the belly, was his tats, his embroidered and patched pants, or his piercings. His long hair was healthy, and dark. It could have been those hawkish blue eyes and glances. Both of his ears were pierced, In 1976, the urban myth that said if a man had an earring in his Left Ear, he was manly, his Right Ear meant he was homosexual, there was not a myth for two ears being pierced. Tori was curious about that story too. This interesting character had lots of stories, she was anxious to find out everything about him .

every word that came out of his mouth seemed to be covered in chocolate

What did not make sense was why Tori thought a southern accent guaranteed a man to be honest. Every word that came out of his mouth seemed to be covered in chocolate, because Tori was eating it all up.

Tori was a frothing-at-the-mouth fan of Neal Young, Crosby, Nash and Stills. She loved the songs they created, and their meanings went to the core of Tori's being.

Tori had few possessions, but her one of two albums’; Four Way Street had been played so many times that she knew every chord, every word those guys sang. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang songs about societal issues, civil rights, and current history. Some of their songs were about the South of North America, and how dirty Southerners could be, especially their leadership and State's Governors who had been against people of color. "Southern Crosses, burning bridges".

This should have sent Tori running out the back door, and far away from Timmy.

No, his name is not Timothy, definitely not Tim. His Momma had named him Timmy, and he was given no middle name.

Timmy's Momma told him when he was growing up, that they couldn't afford to give their first born son a middle name. They were too poor.

The Southern man clearing the pool table, had impacted Tori in a way that she had never experienced before. Her brain was going down South, Timmy's way, and she could not reason herself away from this man. She wanted to know more about him, everything. His stories were filled with highways, wolves, and music, Tori had to know the stories.

Tori usually crashed at her friend's house, or garages, but since Timmy was in town

The sexual energy between Timmy and Tori had the pool balls nearly electrified. Ye Old Note & Tong went from a bustling, multi-roomed pub, into a pool table, pool cues, Timmy and Tori. The war at the table seemed like an epic battle. What was being won? What were the costs?

Tori did not have a home, she had been living on the street for several years by now. She continued her education, by showing up at school as many days as she could. She worked full time at minimum wage jobs, where the hiring managers would not look much past her faked application, and put her to work.

Tori's best friend Cindy, lived with her Aunt, and Cousin Marilyn in Pasadena. Her Cousin's house was big, and had been broken up into several apartments, while leaving the main house large enough for a big family.

Since her Aunt worked all of the time, Cindy's cousin Marilyn took care of the house, and the couple of borders on the second floor. Cindy was family and had permission to crash there anytime, since Tori was considered a truant, she had to be sneaked in when Cindy's aunt was not home.

The rest of the time Tori lived in the back garages of some bikers, who did not care what she did, as long as she didn't bring trouble.

Tonight, Tori would not have to find a place to stay. Frog & Rebel invited Tori back with them and Timmy to their pad.

Frog and Rebel become match makers

Tori had been to Frog and Rebel's house before, it was located in Altadena, a 15 minute ride from Ye Old Note and Tong in Pasadena. It was a one bedroom duplex, built in the 1950's.

The two couples left the Tong about midnight. Frog and Rebel had taken the bus to the pub, they did not drive drunk. Every night at the Note and Tong was a drunk night, so they usually took a cab home. Timmy had driven his 1964 Corvair to the club, so Timmy, the most sober of them drove to Frog and Rebel's house.

They were all wanting to try out Frog's new bong, and the "skunk bud" that Timmy brought from Arkansas.

This was just another story that Tori had to hear from Timmy. Who would want to smoke dope that smelled like it was a skunk that got hit on the highway? If it stinks, does that mean you won't catch a buzz?.

Frog uncharacteristically sat in the back seat with Rebel. The back seat of the car was loaded with stuff, but there was enough room for the couple to scrunch together in the back. Tori let go of the back of the bucket seat that she had held steady for Reb and Frog, falling into the black leather seat, and slamming the door closed. She really couldn't spare a moment as Timmy was either showing off, or very impatient, as the Powder Blue Monza was already rolling, heading to Altadena, the Frogs house, and a night of partying with a hot, young California girl, who ran wild and was untamed

Arkansas, Ozark Mountains, via Southern California

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