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Tori's Tales from the South Arkansas via California 1973; Matched

Updated on August 4, 2012
Turtle rescued, rescues us
Turtle rescued, rescues us | Source

Frog and Rebel become match makers

They left Ye Old Note and Tong about midnight. Neither Frog nor Rebel would drive drunk, so the two couples rode to Frog and Rebel's place in Timmy's powder blue Corvair.

The front half of the cars' interior was completely restored, with a black tuck and roll leather interior. The back seat contained a stereo system, 2 boxes of 33 albums, a back pack, and several other boxes and bags containing all of Timmy's earthly possessions.

Uncharacteristic as it was of Frog, he insisted that Tori ride shotgun to their house. Timmy had an 8 track player, and several wooden speakers, where he played his favorite band; Black Oak Arkansas. He told us that he lived down the road from them a couple of miles, and he had even got to party with them.

"...Go Jim Dandy Go!"

They pulled in front of Frog and Rebel's duplex just as a third song of Black Oak Arkansas started. The sound was interesting, and the main singer Ronnie "Chicky Hawk" Smith had a unique voice, and this made Arkansas seem even more interesting and alluring to Tori

Hot and Nasty Black Oak Arkansas

Timmy said, "Go on in, I'll be there shortly"

After parking, Tori jumped out quickly, in order to let Frog and Rebel out.

Rebel worked three jobs, so she had to get to bed soon. Rebel was taller than Frog, but she always made an effort to appear shorter. She had long reddish, blond hair, the red-headedness being more evident in her skin color. She was pale of complexion, and under weight by about 10 pounds. Her frame was lanky, and she had the most beautiful green eyes. Rebel had a quick temper, but she had goals. These days she was mostly quiet. No matter how hard the task, she was trying to make enough money so her and Frog could buy their own house, and move to Northern California

Timmy waited about leaving his Corvair, and told all of us to go on in. He had to take care of some business, and he promised he would be in in only a few minutes.

It was then, that Tori began to feel uncomfortable, her fight or flight instincts were lighting up slowly

It was then, that Tori began to feel uncomfortable. Tori's fight or flight instincts were lighting up like Christmas trees. She checked her boot to make sure the knife was in place...just in case.

At the pub, Timmy had acted like he could not wait to spend more time with her, and she knew she wanted to jump his bones. This was a conversation they had before leaving Ye Old Note and Tong, they both understood and were in perfect agreement about what "jumping someone's bones meant.

Tori had been in dangerous situations before, and she followed her instincts. This is why she was still alive, and not a captive of some sick creep. She did not understand his hesitation. She went on guard, and the sexual excitement she had been feeling was gone, like ice water being poured on her head.

He better not leave her here with Rebel asleep, and Frog wide awake and ready to party. She liked Frog for a friend, but did not like his creeping hands when Rebel was not around or not awake.

Frog was a white guy, who wore an afro. His real name was Bobby Simmons, but very few people knew that. Frog was in his late 20’s, and when he would be at complete rest, or drunk, he looked like a giant frog. This is where he earned his handle and it stuck. He was 5’6”, but wore those boots popular then; they came with a 1.5” heel, they were available in brown, and black leather. A designed band of leather of the same color, was styled with a cinch and non spurs around the outside of the ankle.

Tori was never sure what Bobby did for a living, While Rebel worked 3 jobs, Bobby got her lunch ready, pointed her in the direction of whichever job was up. He waited impatiently for Rebel to get off of work, and was irked at her when she was not rambunctious enough to party afterward. Bobby came solo to the Tong often Bobby was glad to leave her to the hard work. His role seemed to be drunken house frogman.

This is why she rarely crashed at Frog and Reb's house. Creepy Frog hands. If Timmy did not make his way in soon, she was going to book out of there


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