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Totally Lost

Updated on July 26, 2015

Gloria was my first love,my first everything and she represented nothing but happiness in me. I loved everything about her and always made sure that she got whatever she wanted from me double. I mean, she taught me how to treat a woman right. People attributed my love and respect for her to some sort of diabolic bond, in the sense that she controlled me with some sort of spell but that wasn't the case because i loved her from the bottom of my heart.

Gloria actually opened the doors of my heart,found her way into it,went in and simply locked the door. She knew that i loved her and in return showered me with nothing but affection which made every negative thing said about her worthless because i made it clear to my Mother when she wanted to come between us that it was Gloria and no one else because she was the most beautiful woman in this world and i was lucky to be part of her life.

The only thing i knew and believed that would stop me from seeing Gloria was death and the same death was the only thing in this world that i foresee as my blocking stone from marrying her too. You see, Gloria understood me, she knew me from inside,she knew me better than anyone else and that was what my parents and siblings failed to understand. Trusting Gloria was my strength because in return she gave me everything she has got.

We shared secrets and there was no lie between us,believe me if i was asked to prove my love for her by lying down my life,heaven knows that i would have done it twice. Gloria was my everything, the paths of green leaves in the desert of my existence and life without her is miserable. I didn't know what i felt when i saw her that night.

I wasn't meant to be at the party...

...My twin brother who was a big critic of Gloria called me to come over and see what he has been telling me,although i felt reluctant but i wanted to make him happy so my entire world crashed when I walked in and saw Gloria kissed Janet. I would have understood if she was cheating on me with a guy but having an affair with a girl and it has been going for years was hard to understand. I knew that both of them were best friends but never suspected what actually became my nightmare.

My inestimable Gloria boldly told me that she loved Janet more than me, she told me that she found comfort and peace with her, i didn't know what to imagine because i don't understand how an Angel could break my heart.I am a big failure because i have seen guys snatch chicks from other guys but in my case,it was a chick. You see, my Mother was right,she told me that there was something about Gloria but i was totally lost.

What is this world turning into?


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