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Touched by Hell Preview two

Updated on April 18, 2012
Stay came and keep shooting....
Stay came and keep shooting.... | Source

I looked around the room as the banging continued before it hit me.

‘The bed, come on help me pull it in front of the door.’

We both lifted the heavy bed over the dead zombie’s body before we moved it in front of the door.

‘I don’t think that will stop them.’ Andrew replied.

‘It’s not supposed to; just get ready to shoot.’

‘That’s ok for you to say with that G8, but I have this tiny laser gun and no sword.’

‘Well next time bring a bigger gun.’ I replied as Andrew looked at me with a desperate look on his face.

‘Ok give me your pistol and you can use this.’

I moved over to Andrew as I passed him my gun. His eyes lit up with a spark of power as he quickly gave me his pistol like a child that was worried I would change my mind. I looked at the small gun as I said,

‘I worried I’m going to break this thing.’

Suddenly the door slid open as the zombies tried to push their way in.

‘Didn’t you lock the door?’ I shouted at Andrew as I shot the first zombie in the head.

‘I thought you did.’

‘Just shut up and shoot.’

I shot another zombie in the head while they started to scramble over the bed that was in there way. Suddenly Andrew let the G8 Reaper gun fire on automatic. The heavy gun shots cleared the doorway quickly leaving nothing but a blooded pile of mangled decaying bodies. I could still hear movement as I activated the power unit on my sword. The twin blades crackled with energy as another round of zombies came around the door frame. Andrew fired another short round of ammo until the gun clicked empty.

‘I’m out of ammo Chris.’

‘Here catch this.’ I threw him another couple of ammo clips as I continued to say,

‘And put that gun back on single shot or we will run out of ammo before we get off this deck.’

I took another zombie out as the first of the dead crawled over the bed and into the room. I could see Andrew franticly trying to reload his gun; and I knew we needed to stop them from getting into the room if we were to survive. I fired again taking out the zombie that was now in the room before I moved into the doorway to take out the rest of the zombies with my sword. This was brutal and bloody as my sword cut the decaying bodies’ heads in two, but it had to be done. The pile of bodies started to build and I felt like I was going to gag at the sight of what was now in front of me. But I knew I had to finish this or we would not be going anywhere. I cut the last zombie’s head off as I heard the G8 gun’s ammo clips click into place.

‘Ok move out of the way.’

I stepped back from the door as I turned back to Andrew. I didn’t have to say anything as Andrew said,

‘Ok then, I guess we should get moving.’

‘Yea, and let’s make it quick.’

I climbed over the pile of dead zombies and made my way back into the corridor. I turned back to see Andrew pulling himself out of the room as he steadied himself from falling with his free hand.

‘That is disgusting; my hand is now covered in zombie slim.’

I watched as he wiped the mess across the wall as I said,

‘Come on we need to get back to the ship and I don’t want to run into another round of zombies.’

We both started to move quickly towards the lift shaft as a zombie grabbed for Andrew from one of the barricaded doors. Andrew quickly shot the thing with the G8 at point blank range bowing its rotten body apart and back into the room it came from.

We reached the lift shaft and I pushed the button to call the lift as Andrew fired off several more rounds back up the corridor,

‘Chris, I hope that lift gets here soon as I am running low on rounds again.’

I noticed zombies coming around both sides of the lift shaft from the back of the ship and it was now clear that we were more than outnumbered as I replied,

‘Andrew watch your back, we have more incoming.’

I shot several more shots knocking down three more of the un-dead, but they were still closing in on us.

‘Andrew concentrates on the closest for now to buy us some time.’

‘What the hell do you think I have been doing?’

Suddenly the lift doors slid open while Andrew fired off another few rounds.

‘Get in the lift now.’ I shouted as I cut one of the zombies down from in front of me.

‘Come on Captain I only have one shot left.’ I pulled back into the lift car as I plunged my sword into another decaying crewman while it lunged at me. Andrew hit the close door button as I pulled back; but as the doors started to close several zombies put there blooded hands into the doorway trying to force them open again. Andrew quickly pulled up the G8 gun firing off the last shell at the narrow opening between the doors. The blast was nearly deafening in the small space but it did clear the doorway allowing it to close. I quickly hit the button for the hanger deck as the lift started to move.

We both sighed with relief as we looked at each other.

‘That was too close and I am now out of ammo.’

To find out how this whole story reads you can download it from htts://



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