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Tough to love

Updated on April 8, 2012

Everyday thoughts pass through
Thinking mostly of you and who knows who
People gone and loved ones cut off
Separated from me and more loved ones lost
Family distant, friends away, so I'm left alone
Sometimes I feel like running away from home
Don't ask why because I don't know
Only that there's occasionally a strong urge to go
Away from everyone I love?
Yeah, only to be seen by God above.
Secluded and lost in my own mind
Looking for reasons I won't ever find
In situations that are so strange
Thinking of things that I wish I could change
Heart so hard from the past as I grew
Almost none can pierce through, only very few.
Lucky you.
To those I say I love you
Believe in the words, I mean it 100 percent.
So when I write these lines here to vent.
It's deeply meant, and it seems intense.
Not taken lightly, I hope I'm in your hearts
Because you are all are always in mine.
Every time a new day starts
Otherwise friends, my sisters and brothers.
No joke, I love you all, and each of my mothers.

Family Over Everything.


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