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The town mouse and the country mouse - Aesops fables retold

Updated on May 22, 2013

The town mouse and the country mouse is one of Aesops better known fables. The Aesops fables can be dated to many centuries ago. Although they appear to be simple, short stories many of them give valuable insights into human nature and behavior sometimes through common animal characters.. These thought provoking stories thus not only entertain but also educate us.

Read on below the story of the town mouse and the country mouse retold.

Mitu Mouse lived in the countryside in a small village. One day Mitu's friend from a large town nearby came to visit Mitu. Metro Mouse (for that was Mitu's friends name) had lived all his life in the town and he had come just to visit Mitu.

Mitu took him around the village and showed him the various sights of the village. He pointed out to the village headman's house - the only 2 storey house in the village. "Look Metro, at that huge 2 storey house. The village headman stays there. This is the biggest house in the village. Metro was amused. He said condescending, "Mitu, you call this big, why in my town this would be smallest house. "

"Where are all the vehicles, Mitu," asked Metro surprised to see rather empty roads. "don't you have any vehicles in your village?'

"Oh! today is a holiday, in these parts," explained away Mitu.

As they went through the village Metro turned up his nose at almost everything. He made the village look very dull beside the town which he described in glowing terms.

Then Mitu took Metro home for dinner. It was a simple dinner of grains from a nearby field and a carrot or two to nibble on.

"Oh! you have such a simple life, Mitu," cried Metro. "Does nothing ever happen here. And do you have only these boring grains for dinner every night?"

"Not every night," said Mitu. "Some nights we have no dinner at if there are no grains stored."

'And what do you do for entertainment, Mitu" enquired Metro.

"We just run around and play in the empty fields," said Mitu.

"And don't you have any dainty specials like cream biscuits, jam and sweets. What a boring life you lead Mitu." said Metro. "Why don't you pay a visit my house in the town.Then you will know what life is all about!"

And so it was that a few days later the country mouse paid a visit to the town mouse.

Metro Mouse received Mitu with warmth and took him to his house. Mitu saw that he lived in a corner of on old, unused cupboard in a huge and splendid house. It was late evening.

"We are in luck, Mitu" whispered Metro. There has just been a fabulous tea party. All the visitors to the house have just now left. There is bound to be a whole lot of wonderful food left for us.

"That is great, but why are we whispering Metro," wondered Mitu.

"If anyone in the house hears us we are done for, so do be quiet!" said Metro and Mitu felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.

True to his word, Metro laid out a grand spread for Mitu. There were little cream biscuits, jam sandwiches, delicious buns, little cupcakes and many other things most of which Mitu had never before seen in his life.

Just as Mitu started to bite into a biscuit, footsteps were hear. In a blink of an eye Metro had dragged Mitu along and scampered off into a narrow hole.

"What's up," whispered Mitu. "They were so packed into the hole, he could hardly breathe."

"Some body from the house is coming up to this room. Just lie quiet for a while and they will go away. But if they see us we are dead."

After a while Metro peeped out of the hole and announced that the coast was clear. They came out of the hole and sat down to their dinner again.

Mitu started breathing properly again. He bit into a jam sandwich.

Suddenly a barking and running sound was heard. Metro became a little pale.

"It is Dogsey Dog, the pet dog. He rarely comes up here, but seems to be coming here today. Quick let us jump out of the window and hide in the garden until he goes away.

So they cooled their heels in the garden until Metro announced the all clear.

They sat down to dinner again and somehow managed to finish it, Mitu looking behind his shoulders all the time.

"Wasn't that a lovely dinner, Mitu?" asked Metro. "Have you ever experienced anything like this before?"

"Well I have never experienced anything like this in my village home," said Mitu truthfully shuddering to even think about all the scary adventures he had just had. But this is enough for me for a life time. I think I shall go back now, Metro."

"Spend the night here, Mitu. You can go back tomorrow if you wish to," invited Metro.

"How ever do you sleep here Metro. Aren't you forever worried that someone form the house may come in and that will be the end of you!" said Mitu.

"Well, of course all us town mice learn to sleep with one ear open. In case of any danger we know how to run away!"

No, thank you Metro. I very much prefer the calm and peace of the country to this constant looking behind the shoulder kind of life. I would rather have plain grains but in a peaceful setting than all the dainty dishes of the world but in a tense and nerve-racking atmosphere. This rat race is not for me! Believe me I would rather sleep well than eat well."

Ans so the country mouse made his way back home right away.

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