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Tracks Into Time

Updated on March 1, 2018
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A lifelong reader & writer, Liz writes poetry; articles on this, & other sites; & playing with words. She also enjoys movies & reviewing.

Not the actual train recalled in the poem, but a similar type
Not the actual train recalled in the poem, but a similar type

A Ghostly Memory

Settling into the sea,

the sun darkens the water;

shadows the rocks.

Around the bend

upon the ledge,

Ghost train appears,

chuff-chuffing clouds that blend to sky.

Surf crashes,

batters rock;

The train fades

to imagination.

And the whistle blows

an eerie silent chord,

In tribute to

a memory that never was.

About This Poem

Though this is about a railroad that was years, nay, decades, before my time; my father was around in those days, and I remember him talking about the Ocean Shore Railroad quite a few times. And that "borrowed" memory is what the last line of the poem means; I don't remember the train, but I feel as if I knew it, because of my dad's stories.

Being something of a train buff, the stories stayed with me, and I still love trains; I even have a model railroad layout at home...(still in the works).

Originally written back in March of 1996, with a revision in May of 2010, and one more tiny tweak in March of 2018.

Eventual fate...
Eventual fate...

© 2010 Liz Elias


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