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Tracks in Our Minds

Updated on August 28, 2011
Painting "When" by Victor Mavedzenge
Painting "When" by Victor Mavedzenge | Source

Poem:Tracks in our minds

Our minds are powerful. Computing every move we make, storing every memory, sometimes this can come as a negative factor for us when bad habits form in us or those around us. These tracks in our minds can lead to bad and sometimes tragic results

Tracks in our minds

Possessing us preciously

Like Persian blinds

Now running low like forgotten lamp battery

Life was then, life occurred then, after that melancholy

Now life lies forgotten on the sidelines as we endure this misery

Now filled with imprints of yesterday

Moments of magic that of course only yesterday can hold

Re-prints of a beautiful time stretch hopelessly toward that enchanted gone

Cosmetic now, cloudy stultify many a budding seed

Redefined redeployed, re-edited re-visited, yet still-gone

That conjuring moment of yesterday

Tracking through Time jealousy plods on-never back


Infectious time-tomorrow

By Victor Mavedzenge


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    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      ...contemplative poetic philosophy by a writer whom I admire for his always probing and provocative points of view ..... and I always love hearing from you my friend - I sincerely hope you've had a happy safe and productive summer - here by the lake of erie time 5:39pm it's the prelude to fall but I still go into the water until the end of the month