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Tragedy Fable Trilogy

Updated on August 19, 2016

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Whimsical Death

A girl of mystery, spunk, and deep desire

Lived in a castle, no I'm not a liar

By far the most beautiful girl in the land

For miles the men would gather and stand

Although her face was indeed quite becoming

Catch her alone, and you might hear her humming

The wheels in her head spun around and around

The eccentricity of her mind would never be found

She envisioned unicorns, and a dancing little fairy

She rode upon rainbows, this made her quite merry

She visited lands you'd never have thought existed

She'd bring back candy, her brother's now insisted

You'd never see her leave, nor return in coming

Yet very rarely there, you might find this cunning

Each time she left, it was harder to bring her home

Each time she returned, her eyes were dim as stone

Happily one day, she was too far gone.

She didn't hear her father's cry, only her mind's song

She danced in the favorite of all her lands

As she tore, and she ripped, and cut open her hands

She flew across the vibrant and radiant sky

As she jumped out her window to finally die!

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The Farmer

Living in his own torturous and painful life

He knew there would never be anything but strife

He awoke each morning, and put on his clothes

And shooed from his windows, the obtrusive crows

Not a moment of peace, not now and not ever

He toiled in his fields, but it did not matter

The birds picked at his food, and stole all his work

And there was never any rain in his part of the earth

The insects and bugs helped themselves to their share

And the deer joined in, no they didn't care

He yelled and he screamed, each day he cried out

"Save a little for me," is what he would shout

And slowly each month, as the drought dragged on

The river dried up, and so did the pond

After a week flew, from hunger and thirst

He became very ill from this ghastly curse

He tried to write his sister, he tried to call a friend

But he was too weak from the earth's barren sin

One morning he did nothing at all

He hid in the shadows, never trying to crawl

When his bones were discovered, he was nothing but dust

And his home had collapsed, from age old rust!

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Ordinary Girl

This is a story, it is sad but it's true

Of a girl that I once upon a time knew

She sat at home, all the day long

Sitting and thinking and singing her song

She was lonely, yet too afraid to connect

For the world around her was far too hectic

She hid in her sorrow, hid in her fear

She cared not how this may appear

She much preferred to sit in her garden

Watching the birds quarrel and squabble

Each day that passed, she went to bed crying

Why, oh why, could she not stop her sighing

She longed to join in to all that she saw

But what if they discovered her hidden flaw

She was not normal, no definitely not

This could never be found, uncovered, or caught

She could hear it now, all of them laughing

As they cursed her with their endless mocking

So day after day, she sat all alone

And every night you could hear her pitiful moan

She had come so far to escape the hate

Traveled across oceans, to this beautiful landscape

She made friends with the fish, swimming in her pond

Made friends with the squirrels she found in her lawn

And this is how she stayed, until the day she died

She burned to death in her house, totally fried!

You tell me

What do you think the moral of each story is? Let me know in the comments below!


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