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Transcribing more accurately- How to improve your listening skills

Updated on December 26, 2013

Improving your listening skill should help you come up with more accurate transcripts.
The article provides some useful tips on how you can improve your listening skill.

Improve your listening skill by learning about what people normally say or the kind of words they use in a particular situation. Study about the tone, words and phrases that people use when in a particular mood .You can do this by interviewing people, listening to talk shows or even watching movies a lot . Sometimes even the setting or location of the caller when making the call can influence the way they speak; a person in public place would speak differently from a person in the office. Knowing all these should improve your listening greatly and help you transcribe more accurately.

Learn about the word phonetics or pronunciations

Read and learn about word phonetics or the pronounciation of words. You can get to read on words from dictionaries and encyclopedias for both their meaning and how they are pronounced. Listen to journalist reports and other news media or programs to learn about right word pronunciations of words and context or conversations in which they are used. Also listen to the speeches of great speakers, talk shows especially ones in the language that you are proficient in and apparently transcribe in. Listen to how people talk and pronounce certain words. It's a lot easier to also learn about word pronounciations using online dictionaries or software dictionaries that provide audio of the words pronounciations. if you know the pronunciation of words, you will be able to break the audio down into individual words that make up sentences .

learn types of audio speech formats

You will be able improve your listening skill and become a very good transcriber if you study recorded audio patterns or formats. Different audio conversations (especially formal conversations) have different patterns of formats that the conversation follows. That is they have different arrangement in speech and particular technical words are used depending on each situation or what they are about. Medical transcripts have their own technical words and pattern; interviews and audio recordings on congresses also have different formats and technical words. Transcribe more and study these different patterns and technical words and you will be able to transcribe easily.

Listening to the news and talk shows often will help you to also improve your listening skill and understand recorded audio conversations more. People normally have discussions on events going on around them or in their communities, the nation or the world at large. During the Christmas season or Thanksgiving celebration, most conversations were about the holidays and most of them ended with Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving respectively. Lately, when a big hurricane hit America, most of the phone calls made during the period were to family and friends asking how they were. When you listen to news and talk shows a lot, you will get to know what the really hot talk of the period is or what the occasion is- to know what most people's conversation is likely to be about.

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