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Treasure Discovery Through Concerted Effort

Updated on March 1, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

1. The land was once

Inhabited by people from

Different areas because it

Has different costly materials

2. The cynosure of all

Eyes was this land

Until it was plundered

By the most powerful king

3. The land was ravaged

During the war and

All valuable materials looted

By the invading warriors

4. The land became the quarry

Site after the war

All the valuable things

Were excavated by people

5. Town became shadow of

Herself, desolate and wilderness

Like no one believes

It was once inhabited


6. The one-time glory

Of all lands of

The south is now

The dens of animals

7. Prior the invasion, a

Wealthy man had hidden

A valuable treasure in

A land he inherited

8. Died he before the

War started, while attempting

To tell one of his

Sons the treasure’s location

9. Sketchy pictorial form of

How the treasures look

Like was obtained from

Their mothers before the war

10. Attempted they at locating

It but could not

Because of invasion and

Became captives of war

11. They kept the pictorial

Details and wert handing

It over to their

Heirs whence they wert


12. Since those captives of

War were not in

Same place to know

Themselves became difficult

13. Parents told children they

Will know themselves through

The search for they

All had the sketch

14. A child of the

Second generation tried to

Get there, but couldn’t

For he was killed

15. Another from third generation

Tried, saw the carcass

Of someone and know

It must be relative

16. Could not find it

And died in the

Wilderness they however laid

Paths for other coming

17. Another searcher that emerged

Took note of some

Things on their carcass

By that traced others


18. They connected with one

Another mapped out strategy

To employ to find

Their fore parents treasure

19. First did the survey

Of the area now

Declared death zone by

King controlling the place

20. Repeated trips were made

To the place ensuring

That they made advancements

Over their previous trips

21. After years of trying

They located the spot

And discovered the treasure

Which is remarkably different

22. Treasure is different from

All known treasures and

Massive enough to become

Source of income of nation

23. Their fore fathers must

Have been powerful people

They reasoned, to have

Possessed something like this

24. Properties of treasure intact

Scientists of their days

Said they never thought

Such could be existing

25. As parable of Jesus

They sold all their

Possessions to possess the

Treasure location in wilderness

26. Because they are many

King offered them the

Place for security reasons

Chasing off wild animals

27. Their joy know no

Limitations because they knew

Soon they will become

Reputable force in society



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