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Trevor the traction engine

Updated on April 18, 2008
Trevor the Traction Engine
Trevor the Traction Engine

Trevor-Thomas and Friends

Trevor is one of the books in the series My Thomas Story Library. This book is based on The Railway Series by the Rev.W.Awdry. Published by Egmont Books Limited.

It is brightly illustrated and easy to read as the words and pictures are on adjoining pages. There is a synopsis at the beginning of the story which preempts the reader on what to expect in the story.

The wide use of conversation in the book and toddlers are introduced to how spoken word can be incorporated into writing. They are introduced to the use of punctuation and different expressions and feelings.

It is a more advance reader compared to the other Thomas the train series- ABC series which I had purchased for my Thomas Crazy son.

I strongly recommend this book as a good father and son bonding book. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends series has been in existence for more then 60 years. Fathers and even grandfather can related to the stories and even impart their personal experiences with Thomas and Friends while reading this book to their child.

Elemental Themes addressed:

  • friendship
  • problem solving
  • humor

Story Summary:- Friendship between Trevor and Edward


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      Thomas the Tank Engine

      My son is four years old and has been a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine for two years running now. In his otherwise flickering attention span, this is one major fixation. I would almost call it an obsession. He has seen the CDs so many times that he knows all the characters, stories and dialogues by heart.