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Tribute to the Super Eagles

Updated on January 25, 2019

Resilience and Determination Win Things

It all started like a sick joke as usual:

Nigerians resigned to be really brutal

In their criticism of the team now dubbed "Super Chickens"

A mistake - one to many - like the characters in the books of Charles Dickens

I was one who felt it would be a case of deja vu -

That feeling that tends to get to you

Knowing that history of the negative kind

Has already repeated itself in your doubting mind...

We played Catalunya

Some of us shouted "Umunna!!"

"Did you see the improvement in attack?", some quipped

"Did you see the rot in defence?", Others nipped

From the first match in zulu land

Burkina Faso dealt us a brutal hand

At the last minute came the equalizer

And the critics' smiles got even bigger

Then came the second and Zambia got a point

And despite the Referee's antics, Nigeria lost a bone joint

"Are we going through the pain again?", they cried in disgust

And even the Supporters' Club threatened to go BUST

But we reckoned without the Boys in white and green

Because Enyeama looked at Mikel and Moses gave the "grin"

For when Cote D'Ivoire came dancing along

MBA decided to change their victory song

Next came Mali and the Nation believed again

For wave after wave of Nigerian rain

tormented the Eagles of Mali - a name was at stake

And Ahmed Musa added icing to the already delicious cake.

Burkina Faso again? But that was not a problem

Because determination was on the faces of those who sang our Nation's Anthem

Bance tried, Pitroipa railed and Traore failed

For MBA it was again, who their coffin nailed...

Super again? YES!! But not so fast

Tears were shed, injuries had but victory came at last

What I learnt and I hope the Nation did too

Is that the "POPULAR" crowd does not always bring victory to you.



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