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Tribute to John

Updated on May 5, 2015

Age; year born of matter as known as only a number by most

should remember which side the jelly's on when talkin 'bout the toast

Like the candles on a biirthday cake ~ it's more what's underneath that proves matter

Making some of us bakers and others just makes fatter

Indifference is how we play the game of life

I choose to live mine in Peace like Yoko ~ Lennon's wife

I love you John and I still listen to your music to this day

Just get another piece of peace, let crumbs sit where they lay

Grab a plate and pass one around, Happy Birthday ~ Happy New Year !

"Peace" by piece let's celebrate~"Go Grab another Beer!"

if hollering at halftime for the birthday in the back

the day that Johnny baby~broke his mothers sack

Oct 9th let be the day like 1940 when voice of peace was bore

"Freedom Day" ~"Peace" all say and not a word to war.


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    • Linda Cassini profile image

      Linda Cassini 5 years ago from Las Vegas NV

      Thankyou Share the word of Peace :) Angel

    • angel4967 profile image

      Cindy Pierre 5 years ago from Nevada

      That is a very unique take and a fitting tribute. I really enjoyed this!