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Tribute to the One Behind the Badge

Updated on February 15, 2014

Nobody knows what goes through my mind

As I’m pinning my badge to my shirt

I pray that my shift will be quiet, and smooth

But if not, at least no one gets hurt…

I pray that I don’t meet the person whose mind

Has been turned by the scandalous few

Whose out of turn actions while wearing the badge

Makes people distrust what we do.

I wonder if they’ve seen the officer who

Stopped traffic to let someone by

Or who went to a home to deliver bad news

And did that, with a tear in his eye

One who rescued a deer from a bridge in a storm

Or bought shoes for the homeless man’s feet

I wonder if they know we’re folks just like them,

Protecting them, walking a beat

Preserve and protect, put my life in harm’s way

That’s the path that I’ve chosen to trod

To know I’ve given my best, at the end of the day

Or when I’m called to stand before God

When that roster is called for the very last time

I pray my badge number is one

Of the ones who made something better in life

By something that I’ve said or done.

No, nobody knows what goes through my mind

As I’m pinning my badge to my shirt…


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