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Triond Forum Closes

Updated on August 3, 2017

Draining the Cesspool

On Sunday, October 23, the owners of
Triond closed their Forum.

For years, there had been what can
only be called a verbal cesspool
wrongly named a Forum.

Although glancing at the topics one
could assume this was a useful venue
for writers and potential writers to
exchange information, it became
nothing more than a psycho-drama
where powerless and obnoxious
people acted out their insecurities.

Triond's Forums was a minor district of Trollkingdom.

As bad as the Trolls were, they paled beside the entrance of the Magog.

Trolls vs Magog

We know the Troll. It lurks anywhere there is no moderation. Found on fora and message boards, leaving comments under blogs, the Troll is a very lonely pathetic creature who basks in the deindividualisation of the Internet.

A female who could be mistaken for a hog posts the image of a beauty queen, and as long as she can use that avatar she feels good about herself. And she pretends that is who she is.

A 45 year old guy who lives with his mother can use the name Superman and attack and insult everyone in his ambit, gaining in cyberspace the respect he does not possess in life.

Any unmoderated corner of the 'Net will attract Trolls. Giving them an entire Forum and no moderator is orgasm. Trolls will spend every waking moment posting then creating duals to post; for one thing about a Troll, it a being a bone coward. And Bone Cowards need, (even in Cyberspace) an army behind them.


A Magog is different.

A Magog is the basic psychopath, the kind that serial killers are made of. He doesn't want friends, he doesn't need support.

As the character in Andromeda,, Magogs are just destructive. They will kill and eat anyone, (even each other). They reproduce by laying eggs in their victim. As the eggs hatch they eat the host.

One day a Magog decided to destroy Triond's Forum.

Perhaps he was practicing for bigger and better venues. Maybe he was someone who had been insulted by Trolls. Maybe he had been a Troll but was unsuccessful.

No one was all that concerned when the Magog ate the Forum, save the Trolls who would no longer have a toilet to swim in.

How the Magog did it was not complex. It used the basic system swamping techniques.

The Magog began replacing all topics with his they one word or character. Each time Triond cleaned up his mess he returned.

New Nick, new Proxy server, same old destruction.

The poor Trolls thought they could huff and puff and frighten him away.
Then the Trolls ran to complain to Triond.

Triond, which is staffed by those who want money for doing nothing, considered having to delete entries in a Forum too much like work, so closed it.

Yes, the Magog triumphed again.

It was a 'nice' cesspool

The tragedy of the closure of the Triond forum is that is was the 'headquarters' for fake news.

It was there people discussed creating stories and how to push them.

Anyone who sat in that Forum would have seen the birth of 'Whitehouse Insider' a complete fabrication, written mainly by a guy who lived in Northern Ireland with the assistance of a few Americans.

They published anti-Obama rubbish, shocked that anyone could believe their stories, and would squat in the Forum, cracking up over the fools that believed their hoax.

Sadly, Triond is as gone as the Forum.


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