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Troubled Eyes

Updated on August 17, 2013

It is said the eyes are windows to the soul, troubled eyes is words that pour from my mind , heart and soul. I am a love sick anorexic so to speak . Constantly i am searching for that love all girls dream of but i have been tattered, torn , broken , and shattered in all attempts. I have remained postive for the most part , but at times as I express in this poem doubts do haunt me.

Fallen once again, into arms of deceit.

Thinking I had found truth,

but once again its only deceit.

Stumbling through this life,

hoping for a hand.

One to help,

One to hold,

onte to be a real friend.

So many tears have ran down from my troubled eyes.

Time after time,

I fell for love

that ended up only a disguise.

Im holding strong to the memory

of a love that once I thought i knew.

But not another has been able

to come close to you.

I dont think ill ever find

the love that I dream about.

A heart once filled with hope

now is consumed with doubt.

Zayleen Pain


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