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Truly Call Mine

Updated on February 14, 2014

Tonight… I realize…. What I must do….

As I lay here with my body pressed against yours

watching you sleep so peaceful

And so handsome.

I think about how you brought me back to life

I never dreamed I would ever feel again like this again.

You stirred emotions deep inside of me

and brought them back to the surface.

The touch of your lips on mine, and the gentleness of your hands.

As they glide across my body, and caress my skin beneath your touch.

You not only touched my body, but you touched the depth of my heart and my soul.

I reach my finger out to gently touch the outline of your face with my fingertip.

I slowly, tenderly caress your face, and a sadness comes over me.

Thoughts running through my mind of the knowing…… the knowing you will never be mine.

My heart breaks. My heart filled with so much love for you and sadness …… sadness of knowing what will never be,

My true love was taken from me by the darkness only a few months before…

and my heart did break.

I thought my heart would never mend,

and I would never love again.

Then into my life you did walk.

A tall handsome stranger with a beautiful smile and a gleam in your eyes.

You took me completely by surprise.

The wall I built came crumbling down.

I opened my heart once again.

Only to learn it would never be a true love as I had once seen.

With my body pressed tightly against yours..

Tears slowing glide down my cheeks

The realization has set in.

I must not try to hold on…

Hold on to something that will never be

I must let you go.

As we make love,

such beautiful and yet bittersweet love.

I know it will never be true

Your heart belongs to another, while my heart belongs and beats for you.

As I feel your hands gently, caress and touch my body, I only wish for it to last forever.

I know deep in my heart what I still must do.

I must let you go.

I can only hope that someday….

A true love I will find

A true love again for me,

one I can truly call mine.

© 2012 :

© 2012 proudmamma


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  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 5 years ago

    Thank you MsDora so much for taking time to read my hub.

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

    Beautiful expressions as you take the reader with you through your situation. Honest and real. Wise decision. I'm proud of you!