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Trying Poetry

Updated on June 4, 2014


The lights are on,

but no body to be seen.

Windows are open,

but there's no wind outside.

There are beds made,

but no body to sleep in them.

The day is over quickly,

but the day still begins yet again.

There are houses all around,

but no body to live in them.

There we see nature still existing,

but lives are numbered.

The war has ended,

but the scars have yet to heal.

The one blue skies are black,

but not because the day's end.

The artwork and man-made beauties are still here,

but there is no body to look upon them.

The world is full of organisms,

but not one person to care for them.

The world once had many humans,

but now humans are gone.

The world appearing to survive,

but the world will never be the same.


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