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Tufa Tundra

Updated on November 6, 2010
Tufa Tundra
Tufa Tundra | Source

Tufa: Rock deposits of springs, lakes and ground water, typically composed of chalky calcium and silica deposits.

Tundra: permanently frozen subsoil supporting only low-growing vegetation, such as moss, lichens, stunted shrubs, sedges and grasses.

Tuulirova, Lappi, Finland: 68 degrees 21 minutes north, 24 degrees 9 minutes east, altitude 1,020 feet, place at which this particular outcropping of tufa tundra was spotted. The nearest cities range from two to 10 miles from this location, but the nearest lodging (The Lapland Hotel Hetta) is 14 miles away, about half a mile outside the village of Hetta, outside Enontekio.

Here you are above the Arctic Circle, just about as far north as Murmansk, Russia. Nearest access via air is to the Kittila Airport — about 70 miles southeast of Hetta, in the popular ski region of northern Finland — by way of Helsinki, at a cost of roughly $1300 US or more from the American Midwest.


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