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Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Updated on September 15, 2013
Desert Hillside
Desert Hillside

When the world has got you tossed,
Around like tumbleweeds that are lost
And you search for something to grasp upon,
To stop the constant tumbling on

The wind takes you places at times you wish,
You could go so that you can finish
Something you'd begun long ago,
Before the winds tossed you too and fro

Sometimes the wind blows you to a place,
Which defies all reason wishing to erase
The moment you hit it and you recoil,
At the dumb luck you had and plans are foiled

But the wind is fickle and takes a turn,
And you land somewhere where your heart burns
For that thing you most desired,
It is to that thing you wish to be mired

And once it is found you ground yourself,
Holding strong onto that shelf
And a group follows soon behind,
Your tumbleweeds begin entwine

With others who have found the same,
Things that you have also dreamed
They consult with you as to the next course of action,
And sometimes a few will loose their traction

And fly away as all lost tumbleweeds do,
Then you find they were not for you
But the ones who stay they bind you together,
They fare with you all wind and weather

As with life and friends we meet,
We all blow round like tumbleweeds
And find those people we've come to love,
And dream with like dreamers from above

Kari Shinal Copyright March 13, 2008


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