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Twenty-Five Things About the Storyteller

Updated on June 20, 2020

Just to do this

I wrote this on Facebook in March. No one believes number 16, but it's true.

01. I can laugh with almost anyone, about nearly anything.
02. I sing. I use to do so in public. My most embarrassing role was as a "Follie's Girl,"-it involved a lot of sequins and feathers. My favorite role was of Belle in Beauty in the Beast in high school. I went to an almost entirely caucasian high school, so that was very progressive of them. ;-).
03. My second grade teacher told my parents that I had unusual writing ability, but all I heard was unusual.
04. My first, and most significant imaginary friend's name was Deter, and our relationship completely freaked my mother out. It freaked her out so much in fact, that at times I've thought about restoring Deter and my relationship...just for fun.
05. I can say now that I love God with my whole heart, my whole mind, and my whole strength, with all that I am, and I don't believe I could always say that.
06. I have visited 15 countries, my favorite was China.
07. I have a whole lot of fight to me, but I choose my battles carefully.
08. I will go into Paradise, or into the ground, aching for the suffering that I've seen, and all the suffering that I haven't seen.
09. I consider my co-workers at Sutter (a hospital in the East Bay) extended family. I am astounded how strangers united initially only by workplace, can hold hands so tightly in the darkness of each other's grief.
10. I am in the ever-slowing process of writing a book very close to my heart, and starting a business from the heart as well. Please tell the nurses in the psych ward that the nervous breakdown I'm going to have was premeditated. It meant getting some time off work.
11. I love heroes. And I believe anyone, and everyone, with the guts to tell others about the God they love, and to help the receptive understand Him, are heroes.
12. I love other people's yards. I love other people's cribs. I am just not ready.
13. I never read the life handbook. And really, I wouldn't have followed the rules anyway.
14. I have never disclosed my greatest fear to anyone, and I have only told my greatest wish to one person.
15. I have lived in 6 cities as an adult, and I love, love, love the one I live in now. I belong in California.
16. I have never eaten a pop tart.
17. I had the biggest crush ever on Axl Rose from about 12 years old til...what day is it? Yep, it's true.
18. I am biased but personally, I believe I have the greatest group of friends in the world.
19. I believe there is no work of art that rivals the human body.
20. I read incessantly.
21. I use to have a profound, awkward stuttering problem! It's resolved, but every now and then, if I'm around a stutterer for long, it all comes back. But stuttering was one of the reasons I started writing early in the first place. 
22. I've delivered babies for a discount! Every labor nurse has. For some reason, not all babies read the rulebook, and don't always come the way we plan.
23. I'd like to torch the house of whomever thought it was a good idea for people to make typed, 4-page birth plans! Plan to burn your birth plan. It ain't happening like that.
24. I have made two decisions that have only grown more and more right to me: getting baptized in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, and becoming a nurse.
25. I believe in love now more than ever.


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