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The Twilight Book Series

Updated on June 18, 2019

Author and Book Basics

The beautiful and talented Stephenie Meyer is the author of the Twilight book series. She was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She attended Brigham Young University where she majored in English with a concentration on literature. The thirty-five year old mother of three (Gabe, Seth, Eli) has been married for over ten years to Christian Meyer.

Twilight is the first book Stephenie Meyer had published. She started writing it in 2003 and in 2005 it was made available by Little Brown and Company; followed each year by the next book in the series.

In a nutshell the Twilight book series is a magical story about star crossed lovers who actually make it together in the end. It is full of vampires, sexual tension, violent confrontations, werewolves and lore. From the first page it is full of physical and emotional tension spurring the reader to reach the end.

The Twilight Series consists of four books:

  • Twilight (2005)
  • New Moon (2006)
  • Eclipse (2007)
  • Breaking Dawn (2008)


It seemed every where I went in 2008 someone was talking about the Twilight book series and the impending movie release. I have always more than loved vampire stories but for some reason I had no interest in venturing into Bella and Edward's world.

Then my sister-in-law (SIL) came for a visit and she too had been bitten by the urge to read the books but hadn't yet taken the plunge. After she left I happened to be walking through the local pharmacy and saw a Twilight display with all three books at 25% off. I thought what the heck and brought them home.

Feeling a little guilty that I had the books and my SIL didn't, I hopped on the computer and visited Amazon. I ordered her the three books I had picked up as well as placing a pre-order for the forth book for her and myself. Talk about making a commitment.

I set the book aside planning to read them soon. Months passed and I continued to hear about the series every where I went. Finally, I picked up the first book. Let me tell you. I was hooked. I refused to read anything else until I had read all four books. What follows is my review of all four books in the Twilight book series.

Book One - Twilight

Twilight is narrated by Bella Swan, our heroine, who immediately tells the reader she has a unique way of looking at the world. "Sometimes I wondered if I was seeing the same thing through my eyes that the rest of the world was seeing through theirs."

Bella has moved to Forks, Washington; a small town that is perpetually overcast and damp, to live with her father Chief Swan. She has grown up with her flighty but loving mother who she has spent a lot of time taking care of rather than being a child. Bella's move is all about giving her newly married mother some freedom. Her father Charlie is likeable even though it appears Bella has put herself into another nurturing role.

Bella enters the high school with the same insecurities most students have when they are the new kid in a foreign land except Bella has one thing going for her. She's incredibly smart. Bella quickly meets a new friend who teaches her the clearly defined cliques in the cafeteria.

It isn't long before Bella is asking about Edward Cullen, the pale, handsome, somewhat brooding boy with a head of wild hair that matches his eyes. She immediately becomes fascinated with him; watching so closely she notices changes in him that others don't, like the color of his eyes. At first he comes across a combination of rude and aggressive which intrigues Bella even more. It isn't until he saves her life by putting himself between her and a swerving car that they both make a mutually intense connection. A connection that is continuous throughout the book and practically palpable by the reader. Despite their obvious differences, from the beginning these two are destined to be together; regardless of the rules of man and vampire.

In many ways Twilight is an introduction to the characters supporting Bella and Edward. Some only have small parts in Twilight grow to have bigger roles later on. Like Jacob Black who has a small but pivotal role in this novel--he spent time with Bella during her yearly visits because their dads for friends, he fixed up the truck that her dad bought her and he's the one that tells her the story of the "cold ones".

Stephanie Meyer has an intimate way of writing that is provocative, humorous and incredibly addicting. From the preface I was immediately pulled in. I stayed up to 5 a.m. reading this book the first night. I was totally sucked (pun intended) into the book, especially the relationship between Edward and Bella. Meyer leaves the reader feeling satisfied but hungry for more. I highly recommend this book the most out of all four but you really can't read one without reading them all.

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Twilight - Movie Review

I had no intention of seeing the Twilight movie when it was released. Then I read the book and I couldn't see it quickly enough.

Some of the characters were not how I expected them to look but once I got over the initial shock I was able to enjoy the movie. What it really comes down to is the main characters, Bella and Edward, who were portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Prior to seeing the film I seen a lot of photos and television appearances that made me think they were poor choices but after seeing the film I thought they both did well.

Obviously, there is only so much a movie can do in two hours to honor the book and overall I think it did a great job. As always, the book is exceptionally better. In a book you are able to see things and learn more about the characters and the intricacies of their lives that just can't be delivered in a short movie.

It is a beautiful film with fabulous music and special effects but I probably wouldn't recommend it unless you were into the series or a vampire fan to begin with.

Twilight Movie Trailer

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The best line ever:

"Just prattle about something unimportant until I calm down." Edward says to Bella after he rescued her from the thugs so as not to go back and rip them a part.

Book Two - New Moon

Book one leaves us wondering, "Did he or didn't he". New Moon opens with the news he hasn't. After a tragic accident at Bella's Birthday party Edward decides that it isn't safe for Bella to be near him so he breaks up with her. Edward literally disappears.

At this point Bella has developed an attachment for the Cullen family so she not only loses him but them. This has a devastating affect on Bella (and this reader) plunging her into a world of hurt that tortures her family and friends.

It is here that Jacob Black becomes the pivotal male in Bella's life. It takes months but he brings her back from the abyss she let herself go into. During that time the bonds of friendship become blurred for Jacob and while Bella gives hints that she is willing, she never truly is. Her heart was meant for Edward.

Jacob is an interesting character with an interesting storyline and history of his own. And as the title suggests takes Bella's story in a whole new direction. The Quileute have their own personal protection against the "cold ones" in the form of four legged hairy beasts with matching strength and a decreasing wardrobe. And Jacob is at the center of it all.

Edward doesn't appear again until the last quarter of the book. I found this incredibly painful to bear after growing so attached to him in Twilight. When he finally does appear there is a miscommunication between him and Jacob which sends Edward on his own journey of self-destruction with a desperate Bella on a mission of rescue.

I really felt cheated out of my Edward fix in this novel. Thankfully there is a happy resolution with many openings for continuing the story. Even though Edward is not around this book further intensifies Bella's love, not only for Edward but for her best friend Jacob. We get to learn about a whole new sanction of beings as well as new history on the cold ones. New Moon moves along quickly and Meyer's continues with her depth prose but I was anxious for it to be over.

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New Moon Movie Cover
New Moon Movie Cover

New Moon - Movie Review

The second movie in the Twilight series opens with Bella dreaming she's an old woman and Edward is a young man. With this we learn one of her fears is she will grow old and Edward will stay the same. Following this we are reintroduced to the Cullen family as they celebrate Bella's birthday. This scene is fabulous from the moment Bella cuts her finger, to Jasper going into an uncontrollable tizzy and having to be forcibly removed after being blocked by Edward.

Because of the birthday incident Edward takes Bella for a walk in the woods and dumps her. I hate to compare this movie with the book because let's face it we all know "the book" is almost always better... but, this scene in particular and the ones immediately following, where she lies down and gives up and is finally found is so much more emotionally intense in the book. In the movie it just feels stunted in some way.

Unlike the book, the movie is generally more exciting with Bella's increasing nightmares and her "adrenaline junkie" phase (because of the "rush of danger" seems to bring her closer to Edward). In an attempt to continue the imaginary visitations she picks up a couple of dirt bikes and asks Jacob to help her fix them up. He of course jumps at the chance to spend time with her. As they spend more time together she begins to notice subtle changes like his strength, build and viewers get to see lots of gratuitous chest shots of Jacob.

From here on this movie is about Jacob and Bella and Bella admits to feeling "alive" again but Edward is never forgotten. Jacob tries to move things beyond friendship but Bella keeps him at arm's length. While at the movies (Face Punch) Jacob becomes agitated and Bella notices he has a higher temperature than normal. He takes off and disappears for a few days -- Bella later finds him in the rain with his hair shaved, tattooed, and shirtless -- here she learns he knows all about the Cullen family secret. He tries to give her the "it's not you it's me" speech to get rid of her.

Reeling from the break up with Jacob she falls back into her Edward gloom and goes looking for another connection -- their field of flowers. Where she runs into Laurent who has come back for a visit and a little dinner but his dinner gets interrupted by a pack of very large wolves -- Bella's first introduction to the pack and the realization that there are no bears terrorizing Forks. That evening Jacob comes for a visit (shirtless) to drop hints about his new friends and his new attitude, hoping she will guess his true nature.

The red-headed vamp named Victoria returns for a few short scenes looking for revenge in the form of Bella in little pieces. But the ultimate climax is when Bella rushes to Italy with Alice to save Edward from certain death by the Volturi. For me, one of the best filmed scenes in this film is Edward fighting Felix in the Volturi underground in an effort to protect Bella.

Overall, I guess I enjoyed this movie more than the book as I remember the book feeling slow to me in the sense that I missed Edward's presence too much. Whereas in the movie we are given glimmers of him. There are some really beautiful scenes worth watching and it is definitely worth seeing the addition of werewolves and the Volturi to the mix.

New Moon Trailer - Featuring Dakota Fanning

"I'm nothing. Human."

~ Bella

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An ode to make every woman want to have her neck bitten.

Book Three - Eclipse

Bella still isn't a vampire; although it is still at the top of her of things to do with Edward (or without). She's blissfully happy with Edward and they are making plans for a future together.

Eclipse opens with one of the most beloved Robert Frost poems, Fire and Ice. I take this as a symbolic reflection of the choice Bella must make -- Edward is ice and Jacob is fire. I feel it is a clue to the internal battle that Bella has regarding her love for Edward and her loving friendship for Jacob. Both men want her to make a choice. An ultimatum is given. She can't have them both but she doesn't want to live without either. But obviously, she feels Edward would be the greater loss.

To top that off she has to worry about the physical threat of a vengeful vampire lurking on the fringe of her life and a vampire council wanting to silence her forever because she knows too much about the secret lives of vampires; or welcome her as a new recruit. Not to mention there seems to be a serial killer(s) on the loose in nearby Seattle.

By the time I started reading Eclipse I really felt invested in the supporting characters of this series. The temper and jealousy between Edward and Jacob is palpable but they have come to a mutual agreement and respect when it comes to Bella. I loved how both sides come together to fight for a common goal. This book had me on the edge of my seat and it probably my second favorite of all the novels in this series. It leaves the reader in a "happy place" with a few questions to take them into the next book.

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Eclipse Movie Trailer

I have been pro Edward from day one but this is a great pro Jacob trailer, especially the last line!!

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Book Four - Breaking Dawn

The fourth instalment of the Twilight series is divided into three books the first and third are narrated by Bella and the second is narrated by Jacob. The book opens with Bella and Edward planning a wedding. The first of it's kind. One of many firsts for them.

One of my favorite quotes that has been carried through the series is roughly, "and the lion shall lie down with the lamb" which is a perfect visual for Bella and Edwards relationship (as well as Bella and Jacob's).

I've talked to numerous people about this series and many found Breaking Dawn to be their favorite. I'm the exact opposite. Of all the books I liked it the least. I was happy to see Edward and Bella united of course, and I have been waiting many pages for the confrontation with the Volturi (kind of like a vampire high council) but the introduction of a pregnancy and having the storyline drift from vampire to succubus was a real turn off for me. I felt it was being disloyal to the romanticism that came before it and for me it has a different connotation than vampire. I also was disturbed by having to read from Jacob's perspective which interrupted the flow of Bella's story from the last three books.

The suspense and interest isn't lost in this book. It delivers one revelation and potential tragedy after another. I would not say it is the best but it is the author's story and I accept where it went. This book did not squelch my overall enjoyment of the series and I seriously believe you can't read the other three books and leave this one out.

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"It was like I had been born to be a vampire."

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Even now it amazes me how much I enjoyed the Twilight series. I loved the storyline and with each book fell deeper in love with the characters, both main and supporting.

Stephenie Meyer did a good job of bringing up potential storylines and then carrying through with them in the next book. I never felt cheated at the end but was very eager for more.

I will definitely look into other offerings by this author and highly recommend you visit this lovingly crafted world of vampires and werewolves.

Book Five - Coming Soon


When I first made this lens many moons ago, Stephenie Meyer was working on the fifth book for the series. She was finished with Bella's perspective and was moving on to Edward which she has said she can relate more to personality wise. The working title at the time was Midnight Sun.

There is no news yet on if it will ever be released. I patiently await... not.

My Favorite Book from Twilight Series Is...

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Ten Things I Like About the Twilight Movies

In no particular order, ten things I like about the Twilight movies.

  1. The actors -- I have favorites, sure but if I listed them all that would take up the whole list.
  2. The setting -- they chose some beautiful locations and totally took advantage of the visual aspects of each one.
  3. Bella's truck -- seriously, I know I am not the only one who wants one now.
  4. The special effects -- both for make-up (sparkly Edward) down to the stunts.
  5. The camaraderie among friends and extended family. The impact that the family circle goes beyond shared blood is huge.
  6. Even the "evil" characters are lovable.
  7. Two of my favorite paranormal subjects in one: wolves and vampires.
  8. Edward's hair.
  9. Victoria's hair.
  10. That it is all over -- seriously. It was a fun ride but I am happy to put it to sleep and make room for Stephenie Meyer's The Host.

Stephenie Meyer's Official Home on the Web

Learn more about the author of the Twilight series, how her books are being made into movies, her current projects, and more at her official website


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