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Twin Brother Trouble Books, Anime, and Manga

Updated on April 17, 2014

Private L.A.

Twins are not the best thing to have in this book.
Twins are not the best thing to have in this book. | Source


James Patterson's books are for adults. Each does have adult content.

PRIVATE L. A., By James Patterson And Mark Sullivan

This is a James Patterson book. So, there has to be some mystery involved in it. If it did not exist well I would be confused. I think the Earth would stop spinning or something.

Private L.A even sounds like a mystery novel. This novel is a new one of a series. There are seven, so far. Just, don't drool too much over the thoughts of a while thrill ride that will leave you wanting to bege for more. I mean, get the next book to the publisher already! Wait, it might be already there. This books take time to get into my hands.

The novel will move very fast. The action is even more fast moving. Jack has his agency that is trying to figure out a new case. Most of the cases are dangerous so this one will be the like. People end up missing. Evil people try to make their own justice.

Also, Private L.A. gives a glimps of Jack's twin brother. We get to understand what is going on between the two.

ouran high school host club

My favorite anime.  There is also, a manga version that is very expensive to read the entire series.
My favorite anime. There is also, a manga version that is very expensive to read the entire series. | Source

The Twins In The Manga/Anime/Movie/Series

The twins do not want to talk to anyone as children. They only want to play with each other. When they have tried to let someone into their world in the past, they only faced betrayal.

As the twins grew up, they only depended on each other. The outside world was their playground. Everyone in it, their pawns. This is until they meant a certain blonde boy who wants them to join the host club. They eventually say they will join.

They still stick with each other until they meet a girl who makes them think about having another person in their small world.

Who Is The Evil Twin?

You look to your twin setting there in the chair. She seems alright. But, she is not alright. She is evil.

How can you tell if someone is evil? You can not tell at first. All you can be sure of is that you are not the evil one.

Evil Twin

Are you the evil twin?

See results

Odds Of Having Twins

"As of 2010, twins accounted for about 1 in 30 births in the United States – or 3.3 percent. And 1 in 726 births resulted in triplets or higher-order multiples." Go to: , for more information.

Evil Twin In Fiction

This character really changes to good over the time of the story. The evil one will have something off about him: something that is not good in social norms, IE unwashed, drug-addict, strange tattoo.The evil twin might have an agenda to destroy the good twin.

One twin might try to do something for the right reasons but end up helping the enemy. This leaves the other twin to stop the first before something horrible happens to the other characters. This happens in the anime, Blue Seed. The first episode, is not for children (I have scene all the episodes). All the rest are alright to watch but try to view this one first before your children see it.

Unlike, Blue Seed's redition of the evil twin. Most twins or look-a-likes will try to hurt the other character in some way, as they planned it.

There is also, evil twins in video games. In, Mass Effect 3, there is an evil twin that appears out of seemingly nowhere. This does add to the game play, but I never thought it was needed in the game.

Dealing With Anger

So, you know your twin is evil? How do you deal with your anger?

Here are some of the summarized advice that the www.mayoclinic suggests:

The first thing to do when you are angry is to count to a given number. The show, Peg + Cat on PBS kids, suggests counting down from five. I think, this is to make a person think about what is going on in the moment. Take another moment to try to figure out how you can solve the problem.

The second thing to do is to tell why you are angry. What do you need to stop being angry? Can you solve this problem by yourself or do you need others to help you. Try to ask for help from others to get your problem solved.

Third, if you are not able to find a solution to your problem try to walk around the block or go to a gym, in order to think about the problem. Maybe, you can come up with a plan of action there.

Four, understand that you are angry but others want to help you. They have their own feeling on the situation but can better help you if you remain calm.

Five, focus more on the future. The problem does need to be solved. How can you solve it? What do other people think could solve the problem?

You can find a similar article at: Their are five points but I have summarized what the article says to try to have everyone understand better.

There are five more steps, if you want to read them there on their website.


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