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Twisted Fate plot development and character development excercise

Updated on December 4, 2009

Twisted Fate

O.K. here we go,plot development the way I do it.First a little background music to get me in the mood,and its on and popping.TWISTED FATE:1st scene Afghanistan,a platoon of soldiers is ambushed by the Taliban.It's nighttime and bullets are flying everywhere,the warhawk is flying and buildings are blowing up people scattering under the twilight of fire.A face off between a platoon and a crew of Taliban militants.2nd scene:A missile from the warhawk hits meters away from from the two groups shaking the ground the force of the blast knocks both parties to the ground.the soldiers stagger to their feet taking up arms and in a flash of blue and green light they vanish into thin air. 

The sun the moon and the Earth

the soldiers appear faced off on another plane of existence,shocked and disoriented they are awed at this dimension of pure energy."Today is the day of Judgement for you and all mankind."the soldiers stand in total dismay at the spectle that orbits all around them listening to a voice that cannot be heard by ears but is heard loud and thunderous in their minds."I am the Sun!"the energy flows and crackles "I am the moon!" power cascades through the ether "I am The earth!"the soldiers fall to their knees as blood drips from their nose holding their heads in agonizing pain."the great experiment is OVER!" 

"You are to dangerous to exist,you are a threat to all my creations,you jeapordize all of existence you are a threat to the very lifeforce that sustains you!The earth!just like the ones of mars you will be erased from all existence for ever!"the soldiers roll over in pain as images of future events flood their minds things that know one can for see coming."My children your time is near!!!" and in a blink the soldiers and the taliban is back on the earth all scattered unconscious across the battlefield.

the last scene the peace makers

telepathicaly talking to one another the last Taliban soldier looking over the battlefield and the last american soldier looking over the city of washington.Taliban:"I have tried my brother,but they dismiss me as a fool."the american soldier,"yes they have ordered a pysche evaluation for me,dismiss the things that I say as battlefield delusions.They want listen."Both of them "God forgive us,because we know not what we do."

twisted fate

O.K the above plot was the start just a brainstorm session ,now that I have reviewed it the only thing that I like about is the NAME TWISTED FATE sounds awesome to me,so I've decide to keep the name and change everything else.TWISTED FATE will be my twilight zone,a collection of off-beat stories stories that happen at random,the first title will be THe Gangster and the serial killer,stay tuned. 

the skull man

O.K here we go Twisted fate first plot,the way I do it.The Gangster and the Serial killer,scene one:Next 48 hours,the host talking about another unsolved mystery"for eight years the cold case of Ronald Dillon has had the Blueville police department stumped.Tonight the story of Ronald Dillon,the man police called THE SKULL man."O.k.scene two a old van in the middle of a field everything burnt to a crisp."this is where Ronald Dillon was found in a field of flames burnt to death like everything else within 500 yards."scene three the detective that was over the case"it was a very strange case something that you just don't see in was obviously arson,but later on we discovered that the body had been in this van for two days before the field was burned,strange very strange."


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      thanx,for the good vibes,this is a online brainstorming session the plot is going to change and transform until I figure what I want to do with "TWISTED FATE" just trying to show my creative process everyones creative process is different,this is a glimpse into mine.

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Interesting plot, Good Hub!