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Two Condensed Poems ...just Add Thoughts

Updated on February 24, 2010





Beneath the
hood of child
the sun beamed warm,
we communed

with puddles,
our toes dancing
in the rain

warmed spills,
responsibility was

and our days

were filled with play.

Beneath the

hood of adult,
shadows of


cloud our view,
and bring back

puddles of tears

for what was,
as we clod leather

shod down the

tedious roads of life.








In the Folds Of Sails past.

The  silly sing-song

chants of childhood
still echo in my ears,
all the fun we had,
and the things we did,
both the innocent
and the absurd.

My best friend
and I built a ship
in the woods
complete with a hold,
and a cabin and a sail,
Oh, how we journied as pirates,
and adventurers in
that ramshackle
structure holding
its cargo of dreams.
I long ago found harbor on
the island of adulthood,
and have been marooned
there ever since.
and my friend  is long lost
in the vast ocean of sea you later,
leaving my childhood as the
highest coconut on a palm tree

I am too old to climb.






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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      that was a lovely trip down memory lane