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Two Kinds of Loveliness

Updated on April 27, 2016

Everything seemingly comes out from a colossal explosion. Explosion that suddenly creates the entire universe. Universe that is mysteriously and beautifully fashioned. Universe that possesses the depth both of mystery and of beauty. Mystery and beauty that together exist.

However, people separate these two. People separate mystery from beauty, and beauty from mystery. People consider mystery as insanity, mystery as oddity; and consider beauty as worth, beauty as force. This separation makes mystery seemingly sink into nonexistence, into nothingness. This separation makes beauty aimlessly hover in emptiness, in worldliness. Emptiness that injects superficiality, worldliness that injects wickedness, into beauty. Beauty is bleached. Beauty is stained. Beauty becomes multiform. However, this is the beauty that people invent. The beauty, that the universe possesses, remains real, remains deep.

Beauty has various appearances. Beauty has several forms. However, these appearances and forms can be identified, only, either as the beauty that people invent, or as the beauty that the universe possesses. The beauty that people invent is ‘fixed loveliness.’ The beauty that the universe possesses is ‘changing loveliness.’

Fixed loveliness is the image of constancy, of continuity, and of predictability. It is the visage of the people that define surface as worth. It is the image of the people that superficially understand life and growth.

Changing loveliness is the visage of revival, of resurrection, and of rebirth. It is the image of the people that define depth as value. It is the visage of the people that profoundly experience gloom and delight.

This concept of the two kinds of loveliness presents significant knowledge. The knowledge that the people whose beauty is seemingly fixed are empty people, and the knowledge that the people whose beauty is apparently changing are growing people.

Two Kinds of Loveliness

Ae Clane


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    • Ae Clane profile image

      Ancel Marie Bravo Mondia 24 months ago from Iloilo City, Philippines

      Thank you for the comments, Harishprasad.

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 24 months ago from New Delhi , India

      A very unique poem ! Two kinds of loveliness. I loved this wonderful pouring of your heart, Ancel.