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Two New Poems

Updated on July 15, 2012

by Tom Hatcher

Two Lovers

The night’s sky is eerily white,

from the distant lights

of the Capital, and the billowing

clouds framing the horizon,

which still carried those surly hues hidden

In the sunset, which faded hours ago.

The air is cool.

The wind could fill a glove. And

the humidity is slowly dropping from

a whole. Nobody, however seems to care.

Except a wandering girl and boy,

who sweep through the damp,

and make a pillow with their words by the

bubble and slurp of a creek, hidden by overgrown grass.

This night was a night for falling in love.

The things that were tangled together

to become their lives had no place here.

When he touched her, their bodies,

like a plus and a minus, connected,

charged. Pulsing through them.

His breath on her neck and his voice

in her ear. Their conversation slowed.

The sound of the night consumed them.

Bugs, however many there were, became

one sound, one force, a sphere holding

them afloat, as they became lost in the

darkness of their closed eyes, and sewed

their hearts together.

Steal that aesthetic

The sun, the moon, the stars.

We all can relate, plenty. What

I really want is the thing that truly

connects us. “The sun” can

be erased, as easily as “Yahweh”

—neither these will cease to exist—

neither have done much to

explain this glue set between us.


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