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Two New Websites That Let You Make Money Online Writing - Daily Two Cents and Writedge

Updated on August 6, 2016
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Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content-sharing websites. She's the author of 12 books and helps other authors publish theirs.

If you love to write and share your writing online you also want to be rewarded for it. That is you want to make money online writing. Who wouldn't want to do that? Extra money in your pocket is always a good thing.

There are websites, like HubPages and Wizzley, that have existed for years, that let you earn money for sharing your writing with them. You earn money through ad revenue sharing and also through Amazon and eBay affiliate programs. But why put your eggs in one basket? The more sites you write for the better your chances of increasing your online earnings.

With that said there are two new sites that you can join that allow you to make money online. These are Daily Two Cents and Writedge. Both of these sites are run by the same people and you are able to earn in the same way on each one.

Daily Two Cents | Writedge
Daily Two Cents | Writedge | Source

How Do You Earn on Daily Two Cents and Writedge?

As a writer one of the ways you were able to earn on Daily Two Cents and Writedge was from views. That is whenever someone viewed your article you would earn. Of course you were paid only for unique views so if the same person viewed your article more than once you would only get paid once for it.

So how much did you actually earn per view on both sites?

The payout was $2.00 for 1,000 unique views. Previously, the payout was $1.50 for 1,000 unique views. The new payout was in effect on both websites for some time. The increase was still rather low but if you were able to get decent unique traffic to your articles you were able to earn a good enough amount. You wouldn't get rich. And most likely you wouldn't even find yourself earning hundreds a month, but you were still earning online income, no matter how small it was.

In order for you to be able to get paid your earnings you needed to make only $5. If you didn't end up reaching that amount in a given month the earnings would be carried over to the following month and so on until you reached that amount. Once you ended up reaching that amount the payment was sent to your PayPal account. You would get paid for each site's earnings separately so you needed to earn $5 on each site individually.

This was all in the past. Now, since October 2015, both Daily Two Cents and Writedge are no longer pay-per-view websites. They have gone back to revenue sharing. That means whatever earnings you get on your articles they will come from Google AdSense and therefore Google AdSense will be the one paying you. In this case though, you will need to earn a minimum of $100 to get paid. The good news is that your total AdSense earnings must be $100 not your Daily Two Cents and Writedge earnings only, which means wherever else you use AdSense will help you get to the minimum earnings amount faster.

Another way to earn on DailyTwoCents and Writedge is through the Amazon Affiliate program (Amazon Associates). All you have to do is first join Amazon Associates, if you are not already a part of it. Then simply include a link to an Amazon product in your article (that you generate from your Amazon Associates account NOT from Amazon itself) and when someone chooses to buy that product from Amazon or an entirely different product for that matter and ship to himself/herself you will earn a percentage of the product's retail price. To start off you will earn 4%. Once you sell seven or more products in a given month the percentage will go up to 6%.

While sites like HubPages and others allow you to earn a percentage of the Amazon earnings Daily Two Cents and Writedge allow you to earn 100%. This means that you get to keep all your Amazon earnings for yourself. Once you reach $10 in Amazon earnings Amazon will send you the payment and it will be made to your bank as a direct deposit.

What Can You Write About on Daily Two Cents and Writedge?

While some websites limit you on the topics you can write about, or are focused solely on a specific niche, Daily Two Cents and Writedge give you many topics you can choose to cover in your articles. The topics include business, finance, making money online, arts, entertainment, books, movies, sports, life, food, and technology, among others.... With a wide range of topics available you will always be able to find something to write about.

How long should your articles be on each site?

There is a word minimum on each site you write for. On Daily Two Cents whatever you write about has to be a minimum of 100 words long, while on Writedge it has to be a minimum of 400 words. If you plan on writing long articles it may be better to publish those on Writedge but you still can publish them on Daily Two Cents if you want.

Before you are able to automatically self-publish your articles you have to write at least three articles that need to be approved by admin. Once they are approved you can start to immediately publish your articles without the need of admin approval.

Can You Include Links in Your Daily Two Cents and Writedge Articles?

You may be wondering if you can include links on Daily Two Cents and Writedge. The answer to this is YES. While you are allowed to use links in your articles, whether it's a link to an Amazon product or a link to a blog post or an article, you can't go crazy and include endless links. There is actually a limit to how many you can have and where you can place them within your article.

On Daily Two Cents you are allowed one link in your article. This can be a link to a blog post you've written, a link to another article, or a link to an Amazon product.

On Writedge you are allowed one link to an Amazon product and another link to a blog post or article, or two links to a blog post or article. If your article is 250 words above the 400 word minimum you can include one more link, which will make your article have a total of three links. And if your article is 900 words or more you can add an additional link, which will give your article four links. That's the maximum number of links your article can have.

Regardless of the site the links cannot be placed in the first two paragraphs. And the links have to be contextual. In other words you can't write click here or buy here, etc. and use that phrase as the link. Your word of phrase has to include something related to what the link is about.

What Do You Do When You Need Help on Daily Two Cents and Writedge?

If you ever need help with anything on Daily Two Cents and Writedge you can get a quick response to your inquiry by posting it on Facebook. Just go to the Harlow-McGaw Media Support Page on Facebook, post your question and you will get your answer either from the owners/admin or from already existing members. You won't have to wait for days to get your response as usually they reply quickly to all the posts. You may also find the answer to what you are looking for on the sites themselves in the FAQ section.

Should You Write For Daily Two Cents and Writedge?

The answer to this question is up to you of course, but I would recommend writing for these two sites, even if you already write for others.

Both Daily Two Cents and Writedge have talented writers, which means the posts are of great quality. If you write for these sites you will be among these writers and don't have to worry about your reputation as a writer going down. If anything it should go up because you are writing for more sites and increasing both your portfolio and your audience.

You also have different opportunities to earn on these sites and can include links in your articles, which can increase your earnings.

On top of that there is a quick turn around when it comes to getting answers to the questions you seek.

While Daily Two Cents and Writedge are fairly new and may not be ranking as high as they could be at the moment I feel that in time they will be up there with the big guys. There is a lot of potential here both in expanding your horizons as a writer and in earning income online.

Now that you've read about Daily Two Cents and Writedge please take a moment and answer these two poll questions...

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