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Two Shoes

Updated on May 5, 2015

Cinderella promised to her Mom to always be kind and to be extra good

Even on her last request, she promised that she would

If only Mom had known then of the type of woman her husband later wed

meant torture and suffering because her daughter honored last words that were said

But, her deathbed conversation birthed the story of the princess and for all who knew

Misery found happiness because of one more shoe

For those of you who'd never heard and for those who can't remember

I'll tell my version of the tale about the princess from the ember

Her widowed father felt that with a stepmother, support would be his daughters gain

except the lady he chose for his bride was wicked "Lady" Tremaine

who was a widower herself and had two daughters of her own

both described as rabid dogs hunting for a bone

Ones name was Drizella and Anastasia was the other,

two stepsisters plotting ruin alongside their evil mother

Cinderella lost her dignity, the day her father passed away

all her possessions taken from her on that very day

Her spiteful new family sadistically treated her as their household maid

gave her only rags to wear to try to make her feel low _ grade

Being kind and good she rescued two mice and named them Gus and Jaq

She kept them both from harms way of cat Lucifer's attack

She captured many animals with her golden heart

Later in this story they all will take play a part

Cinderella lived in a place where there ruled a King

who wanted his son to marry so grandchildren he would bring

The King arranged a ball and sent invitations out

A Royal Proclamation so that there would be no doubt

That all eligible maidens within the King's command

be at Prince Charming's viewing for the one to "take his hand'

Cinderella's step-mom told her that she could go to the ball yeah~for sure

"IF" she first helped her sisters dress and "IF" she finished her last chore

Cinderella remembered her Mom had saved a dress and it was in a lovely chest

So she hopefully asked Stepmother Tremaine one HUGE last request

to borrow the dress to wear to the event so she would be of prevailing taste

and danced out the room upon approval thinking she had not a minute to waste

Cinderella scrubbed away, singing happy tunes and day dreamt of the ball

of waltzing with the Prince and the beauty of the hall

Her chores were done, the time was nearing, she rushed to go get dressed

and her stepsister stopped her in her tracks needing something pressed

Cinderella did not have any time to alter her own dress that she was going to wear

and was SO "Surprised" with a gown of noble nature before she could despair

Her critter chums had stitched it from materials that they found around the house

~ sashes ~ and threads from her feathered friends and beads come UP with the mouse

After thanking her cheerful * Singing helpers she put the gown on and was ready to go

her step-family still planning to be assured that she be other-where ~ essentially a no-show

Her sisters yanked the beads off her neck, ripped the sash from her dress and then they tore some more

Cinderella left in dismay as her gown lay in pieces on the floor

Her stepmother and stepsisters then proceeded to the ball

Cinderella left in tears ~ not going ~ after all

As she had her head down crying she didn't see her fairy godmother appear

she looked up after she heard a voice asking "What's wrong dear?"

Cinderella says she's given up, lost faith and didn't believe anymore

and her fairy Godmother declared that's what she was here for

to grant her wish, her deepest desire whatever it might be

that she was good and she was kind and deserved to be happy

Cinderella told her godmother of the reason she was sad

her godmother next questioned if a pumpkin could be had

With a wave of her wand and some magical words the pumpkin changed to a chariot

Bruno the dog transformed to a footman with the best-est vest of velvet

Cinderella stood in awe at four horses white who were four mice before

then Major her horse turned into her coachman and opened the chariot door

The fairy with the magic wand was anxious for her spell to begin

and wished Cinderella all the best and told her to get in

She looked down upon her tattered rags and felt her hair was out of place

Godmother realized she forgot to change her dress from the look upon her face

Then Godmother spun around Cinderella waving out magic in the air

and dressed her with the most awesome gown one could ever wear

Glass slippers upon her feet, her hair up in a bow

Godmother told her there is one thing, she REALLY had to know

She had to be back by the strike of twelve that's when the spell ended

Poof ! Chariot gone , back to rags with the mice she had befriended

Remember have *FUN* and dance all night

But be back by the EXACT stroke of Midnight !

Cinderella feeling like a princess, thanked her magical friend

and set off for an evening that she hoped would never end

Once inside the palace she found her way to the stop of the case

All eyes below admired her beauty and commented on her grace

Prince Charming wore a simper, which means much more than just a smile

when he gazed upon Cinderella and asked to dance with her awhile

She took the Princes hand and they danced around the hall

Entranced by one another, envied by one and all

Even her own stepmother did not recognize her face

dressed in royal garments put her out of place

Cinderella caught up in fantasy lost her track of time

and snapped back to reality when she heard the midnight chime

Alarmed about the warning and that the spell would break

She rushed out the castle doors knowing what's at stake

As she fled down the stairs one of her slippers came off of her foot

She knew that if she stopped to pick it up that she'd be dressed in soot

The Prince not far behind her was puzzled in dismay

wondering why his hearthrob was running away

Prince Charming held her slipper in his hands and in his heart he knew

that he loved and that he would marry the girl that wore that shoe

The King claimed the party over and sent all of the guests home

and told the Duke to get some sleep for tomorrow he would roam

to search high and low and all around every bit of the country side

to find the girl who lost the shoe and grant his son his bride

So early the next morning before the sun had even rose

The Grand Duke with the cherished slipper began to search for toes

Maidens of many he tried to find the fit as he went from door to door

None of them in question of the reason for

Lady Tremaine had already locked Cinderella in a hidden room and held on to the key

When asked if any others were in the house replied "No it's just us three"

Drizella pushed and squeezed beyond all of her might

the slipper wouldn't fit for it was much too tight

Next it was Anastasias turn to try on the glass shoe

how could she get five toes inside when she couldn't get just two ?

She claimed her feet were swollen from dancing all last night

Her mother even asked the Duke if he tried the shoe on right

Meanwhile Cinderellas mice friends Jaq and Gus were plotting to steal the key

away from the evil stepmothers pocket to set Cinderella free

The Duke took the slipper back and was getting up to leave

when Lady Tremaine thought of another scheme that would sure deceive

She tripped the Duke when he arose and the slipper fell to the floor

shattered glass in pieces, it was a shoe no more

As the Duke stood there mourning and wondering what to do

Cinderella was on her way downstairs with the very clue

The stepsisters were disturbed to see Cinderella enter into the room

they claimed she was their maid and they handed her a broom

The Duke said it didn't matter anyway because of the broken shoe

that there never would be a way to tell for sure who it belonged to

Cinderella reached into her apron and pulled out the perfect match

to the glass slipper that fell to the floor before the Duke could catch

Drizella and Anastasia dropped to a curtsy before their future Queen

Even Stepmother Tremaine held back even thinking about being mean

The Grand Duke felt the Grandest Duke of all that very minute, on that day

he finally found the foot that fit the lost slipper from the stairway

The Prince will now have love ever lasting and live a fairy tale story

The King will soon have grandchildren and be in all his glory

And Cinderella, oh Cinderella, who has always believed that wishes do come true

Became a princess overnight and all from one saved shoe.


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    • Linda Cassini profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Cassini 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas NV

      So happy that you are discovering my read..bring a hanky for the WW2 version... :)

    • epigramman profile image


      6 years ago

      ....well you certainly put the unconventional into the conventional themes of fairytales and through all of this - and it is epic too - you are speaking uniquely from a language of your very own - hubbravo from the epi-man - and your writing is easy to read because it's flows so naturally - lake erie time 12:13pm

    • Linda Cassini profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Cassini 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas NV

      Your welcome..I'm always a sucker for a good love story too :)

    • whonunuwho profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      This is a sweet message that you have shared with us and that there is hope for all of us in our deepest despair. A time woven tapestry of such happiness in its ending. Thank you for sharing this with all.


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