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Two Super books not to be missed!

Updated on January 14, 2014
Two book reviews
Two book reviews | Source

About this book

No Problem - The Upside of Saying No
No Problem - The Upside of Saying No | Source

No Problem – The Upside of Saying No

Liesel Teversham (an expert in Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT) found that she was often almost automatically responding with a ‘yes’ when her diary was already filled with commitments. There were a number of possible reasons; wishing to please, it is not polite to say no, self-denial, others are more important than me and so on.

I found that her book was the best possible solution to a problem that I experienced myself. I particularly liked how she demonstrated with examples and case studies the underlying psychological reasons driving us to say yes without even considering another answer.

Book trailer for No Problem

The Rider, the Elephant and the Path

One section central to the book is about the rider, the elephant and the path and this is what she says about it.

“The Rider is our rational mind, the one who can direct the elephant into the desired direction. It’s really our conscious mind, and probably specifically the neo-cortex part of our brain which loves to plan, analyze and control. We need to learn how to direct the Rider and give it very specific instructions, else it starts spinning its wheels, over-analyzing and going in circles.

“The Elephant is the emotional part of our mind where most of the real motivation to do things comes from. It’s enormously powerful and mostly focused on instant gratification. It is in fact, our subconscious mind. If you know a bit about the subconscious mind, you’ll understand that more or less 97% of our mind’s power resides here. The poor Rider is left with around 3%. If we don’t motivate our Elephant into working with the Rider, it can (and will) take the Rider on a journey that was not intended.

“Lastly – the Path is the physical environment and processes we use to accomplish our tasks.

“When we want to create change, all of these elements ideally have to be in total alignment. It’s no good having a Rider that wants to go in one direction, and the Elephant (who is far, far stronger, heavier and more powerful) is walking in a different direction. The Elephant will win every time.

“You can’t just resolve to be happy or to quit drinking. You can’t resolve to stop and smell the flowers – because the rider does the resolving but it’s the elephant that does the behaving. Once you understand the limitations of your psychology and how hard it is to change yourself, you become much more tolerant of others, because you realize how difficult it is to change anyone.”

Emotional Freedom Technique

This book specifically addresses the emotional blocks we may have in achieving our goals, specifically in being able to say no with grace and without offending even our major customers. By tackling these underlying subconscious emotional issues using Emotional Freedom Technique we will find the results to be almost miraculous in their effectiveness.

The author does this by introducing us to the marvels of EFT, an easily understood tapping technique which could be considered simple, but which has a powerful effect on the subconscious and to which it responds with remarkable certainty.

I also picked up on a telling remark she makes that if you say yes to everyone else’s demands or requests you are automatically saying No to yourself. She reminds us that we all have to honor and respect ourselves, and have enough self-esteem not to put ourselves second.

To find out more about this technique please click here or here

The Wounded Daughters of Africa
The Wounded Daughters of Africa | Source

The Wounded Daughters of Africa

Untying the feminine and Africa’s wisdom for personal and global transformation

The author Iris Canham-Gezane has written a remarkable book about a subject which has had almost no exposure in the world at large; that of the Wisdom of Ancient Africa as expressed through the feminine. She brings this across with consummate and elegant skill, managing to get its profound gift expressed in words that will immediately resonate with you, even if you don’t have African roots and are possibly not even female. The author explains that everyone has aspects of both genders within them.

The Return of the Feminine
The Return of the Feminine | Source

An extract

This book is a woman’s journey of self-discovery and transformation where she unties her truth embedded in the feminine: the power to heal, create and transform. She discovers the wisdom of Africa, the mother continent and land where the spiritual intelligence of the feminine that could change the world is locked in its people, places, countries, ancient matriarchal societies; extraordinary diversity of culture, animals, music, story and myth.

In the journey she is reminded to see light in the midst of pain highlighting the importance of the transformation of women for global transformation. It is a powerful story with self-help tools. It creates a spiritual understanding of Africa’s (inhabitants and descendants) women’s wounds in relation to global transformation, however no matter where you are you can unlock your truth through your experiences in your family, community, country and continent. Isra’s awakening releases the wisdom within every woman as a catalyst for society’s evolution. Reconnecting with the feminine and the wisdom of Africa can change the world. The time has come for the inner wise women to awaken to higher consciousness. Women carry a seed that weaves us to the womb of humanity and Africa is where the seed of humanity was planted. It is in the womb that we can change learned patterns of destruction, violence, hatred, anger, the unforgiving nature and sadness. It is by returning to the wisdom buried in the Mother continent and dormant in the womb that we can change the world.

Wounded Daughters of Africa

About Iris

Iris comes from a family that has had a thirty year tradition in a traditional African Herbal healing practice which has given her incredible wisdom combined with her formal education on individual, and group consciousness and behavior. She is a transformational catalyst for personal, organizational and social change, conducting personal development workshops and advising business in this regard.

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