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Two times short = two short poems time.

Updated on February 22, 2010

link to picture:


She stood amidst the chaos on campus,
facing a National Guardsman on May 4th 1970,
and bravely inserted a single Lily

into the barrel of his rifle,
as she gazed deep into his eyes and told him,
"Flowers Are better than bullets."

She died later that day, in a hail of bullets,
perhaps mistakenly let loose or fired with angst,
in the midst of a protest against an endless war.

She was one of four who bled to death,
with nine others wounded in the spring of their lives,
There she lay staring up at a cloudless sky,
as she embraced a peace

her world here refused to grant.


Castaway On The Island Of Despair.

When one undreams
all that they once

thought possible,
their sole hopes

are swept away
into a bottled up state

floating endlessly on

emotions of brainwaves,

crashing on the shores

of disillusionment.

Surrounded by oceans
of opportunities,
they remain trapped
in a glass prism of
their own making.




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    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      Very sad she died protesting Cambodia like so many others. She was an amazing brave human being, nice tribute to her.

    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 7 years ago

      Nice work! Both of them!