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Two top signs of Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona

Updated on November 7, 2012

Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona are ache rivals and the likes of Lionel Messi in Barcelona demonstrates authority then come Christiano Ronaldo and everything is balanced. Barcelona recently acquired a multi talented player and fans all over the world termed it threat to Real but one thing they do not know is that Jose Maurino has also acquired a multi talented player to balance his side.

Two great players

Two handsome players

Two top signs of Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona

Both award winning football teams and both European champions contacted the owner and founder of Face in Hole Prince Chisom Udemba and reached a multi billion Euro deal with him for the acquisition of the two most expensive and experience players in the world. According to routers and information from a direct source, the deal ranks the highest in the history of Football.

Both new players are resting under the protective and lovely care of their respective representatives at the moment and are scheduled to make their debut appearances which will commence with the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

Soccer is not something to fake,it is a feeling,passion,lifestyle,if you don’t live,eat,sleep and breath soccer, then you are not a true player.

Thiago Messi the son of Lionel Messi

O what a wonder thou art

The world at large is happy

Happy that a star is born

Everyone heard about you

The joy of your Dad is high

A great hope you are for Barcelona

Welcome son...

"Today I'm the happiest man in the world, my son was born and thank God for this gift." Lionel Messi

I don’t play soccer because it’s fun, I play it because of the passion because without it there is nothing else.

Chinedum Daniel Mobis the son of Rossi Mobis

O what a miracle thou art

The world around you is happy

Happy that a son is born

Not everyone heard about you

The joy of your Dad is higher

A great hope for Real Madrid

Welcome son

"You came around and everything changed, you have changed my life and i will rather burn in hell to keep you safe." Rossi Mobis

Two great kids that will pull the World over and over, yes one is famous from birth but it makes no difference because the later is a prince, the spade of God, he is here for a bigger purpose and through him, his family will be known.

Two kings are born, two great men in their respective works of life showed happiness to the fullest, no one could deny any of them this joy so since they both had that in common then these two stars will touch the sky

Barcelona is under fear

Barcelona is trembling

O what a child thou art


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