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Two writers living the writing life together

Updated on December 18, 2009

Our Life Is Made With Writings!


Us Poets and Writers


A lonely night with my kind husband staying

Inside our old row house walking in the two rooms upstairs

And thinking of Jesus through hearing the Holy Word Of God on tape

And also reading God’s Word in the bible.

We are thinking we may live for more exciting

And happy days

When our works are completed

And finally published.

We are wondering how much pressure of success

We can stand

When we hopefully maybe discovered

For our brilliant pieces of poetry and other brilliant writings

And does it matter much to others?

We do try to say anything of value and wisdom.

We sure hope we do.

For all of that poetry and writing that we both have written does mean so very much to us.

We poets and writers are truly grateful and thankful

For having these experiences of writing

And for the result of possessing so many papers, poems and books.

Our life is made with writings.

By Shea Jubelirer

Written during the 2000’s


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