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Types of Content Writing

Updated on June 8, 2014
Writing is entrancing...
Writing is entrancing...

Anybody looking to set up a business on the internet would come across a very common term – content writing. Most people take content writing as any general written text and are, in a vague sense, mostly right. However, content writing like virtually everything in the world has flavors, types, categories and sub types.

What this means is that for every specific purpose or goal, there is only one or two types of content writing that will be relevant. Many people do not realize this and actually make the mistake of using the wrong type of content in the wrong place. So, what are the various types of content writing? Consider the following.

Web Content Writing

Web content writing is a type of content writing which is partly descriptive and partly marketing based. You will see this type of content on websites where the business or the purpose of the website is being explained. The primary objective of this type of content is to not only draw visitors to the business through Google search results but also ensure conversion i.e. sale of products or hiring of services.

Once a writer, always a writer.
Once a writer, always a writer.

Ghost Writing

Ghost writing as the name suggests is where the content is written by one person but is used by another person under his own name. In the internet marketing world, article writing services offer SEO articles under their ghost writing sections.

The client takes these SEO articles and, subsequently, posts them on article directories, on his own blogs and even as guest posts to other people’s blogs. One thing that remains the same in all these instances is that his name goes under the content.

Press Release Writing

Traditionally, press releases were used by businesses to make their customers aware of developments in their industry and company. Press releases were used to announce new mergers, unveiling of a new product or department, expansion of the business, new marketing deal and similar important business events.

In new media, however, the definition can be largely different, even though some businesses still follow the old formats. Press releases, in new media, are used as sales pitch devices by small to medium scaled organization. As a result, press releases come under the groups of marketing based and sales centric types of content.

Simplifying lives with words.
Simplifying lives with words.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a type of content writing that is usually restricted to technical concepts and complicated industries. The purpose of writing this type of content is to simplify a complicated idea, concept or design for someone who can be from the same industry or not. A good example of this type of content being used is to see scientific articles being written in mainstream media for the common man.

While the aforementioned types of content are some major examples, they are, by no stretch of imagination, all the types of content that can be seen on the internet today. If you want to know about what the other types of content are, then you can click here.


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