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Typical Love Story (Poem About Love)

Updated on July 19, 2017

She is just an ordinary lively girl

She doesn’t always make her hair curl

She is a keeper when it comes to love

So leaving her makes her sob

She once had her heart break

At night she is always awake

Thinking of too many what ifs

Memories are painful that she still keeps

He is a typical bad boy

Giving girls, temporary joy

Breaking hearts is his hobby

Being contented to a girl is not his duty

He finds contentment with lots of attention

To every girl he brings his affection

He doesn’t care if he hurt somebody

All he wants is the attention given by somebody

They both go to the same school

With lots of people who are cool

Their personalities are not the same

Would one of them somewhat be tamed?

Destiny now plays its game

The ordinary meets the fame

In class their paths somehow crossed

Now let’s see who is the boss?

In chemistry they work with each other

In mathematics they solve problems beside one another

In group works for history they search the answers

So they need to exchange numbers

Now he makes her another victim

He messaged her but he didn’t received a reply but it was just seen

He was challenged by this girls’ resistance

So he was challenged and makes his plans

She who had read the message

Don’t want to trust guys anymore so she was in rage

She hated the guy who hurt her feelings

So she will try to prevent the same endings

The man who was challenged take it to the next level

He is determined to make her fell

Doing a lot of things to impress her target

She’s not like any other girl he met

In the process of wanting to attract her

A lot of hardships has occurred

But his determination and pride never want to lose

So he gathered all the resources he can use

It was late when he realized

That he is falling into her eyes

The trap he set to lure his prey

Have somewhat backfired and made his day

The girl he wants to play with

Is now the girl he will need

He craved for her attention

To court her is his decision

He made the sincerest effort

Bring her food and things of sort

He tried and tried to win her heart

Nothing could tear his affections apart

Now she sees his sincere actions

She can’t free her mind from a lot of hesitations

Beginning to reciprocate the love given she is afraid

But she is slowly getting swayed

She somehow likes the affection given

The long talks and walks along the garden

The sweet and sincere words that he said

Is all that he thinks of while in her bed

Time past by and feelings grow stronger

Their desire for each other can’t be keep any longer

They admitted the feelings they have

They admitted they are in love

Early morning at the sound of his clock

His past girl arrived and wanted him back

But he is determined to keep her present love

There’s no other girl that can replace what he have

He tells her no with certainty in his eyes

He didn’t want games and anymore lies

He is determined to make his present love last

And didn’t want to keep her past

Problems may rise but they are still together

The love they felt must really be forever

He didn’t know that loving someone could be so true

How their story happened he have no clue


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