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UFOs Part 8

Updated on May 12, 2013
Sydney SIlver Photographed By William Robert Thompson
Sydney SIlver Photographed By William Robert Thompson

UFOs Encounter Part 8

UFOS Part 8

This is the second to the last installment of what could have been possible UFO occurrences in my life. I was again, with my ex boyfriend at his downtown Los Angeles apartment. Ironically, we were watching an hour long alien documentary that aired on the History channel. We watched it on his projector, casting onto the wall in the dim room, while sitting on his couch. The documentary was interesting, but only lasted about ten minutes! We were both dissappointed.

"That wasn't an hour!" I exclaimed. "Isn't it supposed to last an hour?"

"Yeah," he said. He seemed surprised, but not as interested as I was in the issue. I insisted that he get the program back up, hit the rewind button and see what had gone wrong. We re-watched the episode. All seemed normal until.....

"Did you see this part?" I demanded. He had not. I was stunned as we re-watched the program. There were large sections of the documentary that neither of us remembered. But the weirdest part, was that we both remembered and forgot the exact same moments, the exact same words! The other stunning part, was that when we had watched it the first time around, with "missing pieces," the thing had made sense. Neither of us had known that we had been blacking out, or missing time at all. One word led directly to another, and sentences and parts of the documentary meshed in a way that made sense. If I had not insisted that we re-watch the piece, neither of us would have known that we were missing time or blacking out and coming back into consciousness at the exact same milliseconds. I freaked out. He did not. He seemed very blase about it, as I demanded to know what had happened. We still do not know.

At another time, I was driving up Laurel Canyon road, and very stressed. I looked up into the well lit, cloudy night sky, and suddenly saw a ghostly circle pop out of nothing-ness, into existance! BLIP! It appeared to enter our air, shimmer with heat waves going to the SIDE, not UPWARDS. It was ghostly - I could see right through it, and it had a dim white glow/color. The center was a small black hole, and it had a tiny triangular notch in one side. Almost as quickly as it blipped into existance, it hovered there for a second, then BLIP! popped back out into nothingness. I wasn't exactly sure if the thing had popped out of the cloud bank, or out of nothingness, but to my eyes, it was in front of the clouds, not in them.

I will tell you about the last possible UFO story I have, in the next column. Could I have been sleepwalking in this next incident? Yes. Very possible. Who knows? I will tell you what happened and one day we will know for sure, because I saved some evidence.

Sydney Silver is an on air radio show personality. These are her real life experiences. Find her at ... (censored)


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