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Unable To Publish Due To Too Much Reading

Updated on December 26, 2013

You read a lot about your topic that you cannot have confidence your own ideas. Your ideas always seem archaic and less technical or professional to you. Due to being an extensive reader, you get to compare your own ideas to other contents that you have read in the past. You think that your dictions

The reading levels of your target readers may therefore be different from that of Hence the reading levels of his target readers. You cannot expect to use the same technical or keywords that they are using. You may even be may even confuse your readers by referring directly or quoting from their materials. Because his or her material is meant for a different group of reading audience.

Conflicting patterns of arrangement

Unable to publish your ideas due to conflicting patterns of arrangement. This is due to the fact that you have read lots of articles on your topic. You end up being introduced to a whole lot of conflicting patterns of arrangement. You do not know which pattern of arrangement would be suitable for your chosen topic or article. Whenever you read your content, you feel that an idea would fit somewhere much better than its current location in the content. As the location of ideas or paragraphs in the content keeps changing.

Haven’t understood and mastered your topic yet so you can’t let go

We normally talk about or discuss a situation or idea in order to understand it. That is what writing does too. We write to understand a topic or situation. When we write, we are able to break ideas down and arrange them in appropriate pattern that makes us understand. Before we publish a particular idea, as writers, we first want to understand the content before we have confidence to publish. Arranging the content into its appropriate pattern will therefore help us to understand the idea hence have the confidence to publish

Writing is a learning process. You learn as you write. Most writers' simply cannot publish because they feel they have not learnt everything they need to know about the topic. Knowledge has no end and if you want learn everything about a topic or article before publishing; you may never finish publishing because you will never finish learning about the topic. In fact, the more you learn about the topic, the more ideas occur to you. You may never finish learning about the topic hence you will not be motivated to publish your ideas.

Changing thought patterns and interests.

You could confuse yourself in writing also making it impossible to publish when positions of core aspects of the content keep changing based on your interest. You could change the cores only to help you write alternative contents. As you improve both in knowledge on the topic and article writing, your thought pattern improves or changes as well as your interest on various aspects of the topic. The more you understand a particular aspect of the topic, sometimes your interest shifts to the aspects that you know less about. In your discussions therefore, you tend to elaborate those aspects more or try to give much attention to them in your discussions to understand better. You also give much attention to those aspects of the topic because you want to be sure that you have been able to come up with the appropriate keywords and vocabularies to convey thoughts properly. IN simple words, we do not usually have much confidence in ideas that we know less about. We usually spend more time on them to develop or break them down completely to understand them before we can have the confidence to publish the idea as our own.

Content Not well arranged and patterned out

Unable to publish because you want to put your ideas in a well arranged pattern. You want harmony to be in your content. So that readers can understand easily.

Arranging or grouping your ideas into tones. Would help to give your content consistency and harmony to help reader to understand.

You do not go around in circles writing and rewriting ideas just to give your article a uniform or consistent tone.

Unable to publish

Usually one of the reason that we are unable to publish our ideas is that we feel that our ideas are not properly arranged for us to easily locate them and beef them up whenever we have new ideas. We keep writing because we want to put all the necessary ideas into the content to get perfect ones and for all since it will be difficult for you to locate the ideas and beef them up. You always keep writing them in order to memorize the pattern of the content in order to locate easily the ideas in the future.

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