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Uncanny X-Men vol. 3 #15: A Review

Updated on December 12, 2013


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Penciler: Kris Anika

Editor: Nick Lowe

I love this issue so much. My favorite character is only on one page. but I totally didn't mind that. It's so much fun seeing the X-Girls just being girls. Going on a group shopping trip, having fun and being real. And finding out that Emma sleeps rear-up, and keeps a duffel full of money in her closet: classic. Would have been happy if that had been the whole issue, but they put a prelude to the next big Avengers crossover in this issue. The girls meet an awakened Inhuman, who turns out to be anti-,mutant, and they're not sure what to do with him. The decision is not up to them, in the end. Won't give too much away as this is a recent comic. Would have been happier without the Inhuman part, but still a fun issue. The opening with Magik training with Dr.Strange is amusing and interesting, though I wonder why she goes back in time to do so. I guess maybe because she wants to train with him when he was still Sorcerer Supreme? Maybe. But makes for a wonderful scene. The art is inspiring, the facial expressions alone are worth the door charge. Nothing too important happens here, but that's part of why I like it so much. We see the X-Men team battle monsters and speciesists every day, we don't see them just being people very often. Hats off to Bendis for great characterization and dialog, and Anika for the wonderful depictions and amazing face expressions. And I love Dr.Strange's line; "In your time, is the earth still turning? That's all I need to know." Totally rock fisted that line, epic little bit that sums up what being a true hero is.

Dialog: 10 Plot: 9 Art: 8 Action: 2 Importance: 4 Romance: 1 Drama: 1 Humor: 10 Girl Power: 10 Overall: 10

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Who's your favorite Uncanny X-girl?

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