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Uncle Slender.1

Updated on November 21, 2013
My dear children Jeremy and Jessica,
I know that this letter will meet you both in a very bad mood but there is no other way left for me to convey this message. I love you both as much as your Mummy. I had wanted to stay longer but God wanted me and your mummy wanted me because she is lonely up there without me. You will find inside the other envelope the direction to your Uncle, he will take care of both of you until you are of age. Please do not be startled by your uncle's look. Although he has an attitude but he is a very nice person and while your mummy was still around,we both agreed that should anything happen to us before you both grow older that Uncle Slander would take care of of both of you.

I and your Mom talked about both of you but talked more about the grand children you will both give us. Please save your tears because nothing would have kept me longer, the pain was much and i tried to endure it all these years just for both of you but i cannot do it any more so please understand that Daddy is in safe hand up there in heaven with mummy. Until we meet to part no more.

Lastly, Jeremy, you are the man right now so i urge you to be there for your sister,always take care of her the very same way you have always done, i trust that neither of you will let me or your mummy down. Someday it will be your time.And don't forget to always tell your children how nice we were to both of you.

Yours loving Daddy.

Jeremy stared blank at the letter with a feeling of misery inside his stomach, he just couldn't believe that his Dad died three days ago, just six months after their Mom died of heart failure, he had been undergoing dialysis for a failed kidney. Now he and his sister were going to live with an Uncle they knew nothing about. He would have continued pondering about his greatest fears and questions if he wasn't interrupted by a sudden jolt.

Once the jolt shook him out of his thoughts, he distracted himself on staring out the windows like every other person who just experienced a terrible situation. Out the windows, trees flew by with tremendous speed and white flakes of snow batted the window causing a soft rhythm.

Memories of old days with his parents flashed back while he tried to hold back tears, he remembered the very first time he built a snow man, Jessica was just two years old and their mummy had her on her back, she always wanted to be carried on the back, he stared at her as she sat sober and weak.

Another jolt rougher than the first one caused Jeremy's shoulder to crash into the slim man beside him,the slim man who was reading a newspaper shot an irritated glare at him then slightly moved further away from from him in disgust while Jeremy quickly apologized to him. He was too depressed to be embarrassed.

As you might be wondering, their exact location now is on a train to Rhode Island. Where they will board a plane to their uncle's private island.

-Jeremy, i am scared. Are you sure that we will gonna be fine and Uncle Slender be nice to us? Jessica asked him

You see, Jessica was just fifteen, she has a slender body, majestically long limbs, pale skin with milky hair all over her body, he skin color was mild chocolate, and she has blue eyes, long way down brown hair. She was beautiful and often mistaken for her age, most people thought she was nineteen. As for Jeremy, he was sixteen and wasn't much for looks, he looks descent anyway, tall and calm, he has sharper blue eyes, perhaps they both carried their mummy's eyes.

Jeremy stared at Jessica as they both got down from the train, he knew that it would be hard for them. It would be hard to get to know their Uncle and also the people around him, they have been reserved when their parents were around and hardly mingled with people.

He gave out a long sigh and bowed his head, hopelessness was starting to close in and suffocate him but he found words to respond his sister...

Everything will work out well, Dad will not send us to him if he didn't trusted him,we need to be around a relative these hard time and we have to be strong at least we wanted Dad to be freed from the pain and at last he found peace.

Jeremy dragged his sister closer to him and they both hugged each other, their mind silenced by the truth that they were alone in the world with no one else but each other...and their Uncle.

But that though wasn't much comforting, even if their new caretaker was a relative.

They both began to cry, that was the least they could do to comfort themselves knowing that they would not see their parents again no matter how hard they wished. After few minutes of sobbing, they walked to the opposite platform and entered the connecting train then finally drifted into the comfort of dreamless sleep.


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