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Uncle Slender.2

Updated on November 21, 2013

Hey! Hey! wake up, both of you wake up!!

Jeremy's eyelids flew open and his dark blue eyes dared this way and that in confusion. Everywhere he looked was blur of white but what his tired senses noticed most of all was the figure leaning over and shouting at him. He hardly paid attention, widened his mouth in a loud yawn, stretched his limps with more effort before allowing them to fall limply to the floor.

As of his sister, she was half dead. He shifted his position to something more comfortable; his sister's back, all he desired in the world at that moment was to remain where he lay cuddled up with Jessica.

Wait lay? As if someone poured freezing cold water on him. He jumped up and quickly took a proper observation of his surrounding. They were still on the train but that wasn't the worst part, being caught snoozing on the floor of the rain was no big deal, the issue right now was that there was no other passenger in the train except them.

The conductor stared at both of them as they looked at each other confused.

The gears in his brain began to turn as the logical part of his mind began to awaken. If there was no other one and they are the only ones left...

'We missed our stop'. Jeremy thought out loud with a great feeling of dread wrapped all over him. Clearly showing on her face, Jessica who has been dead sleep rested her head on his shoulder like she never even slept to begin with. We missed out stop. She shrieked fearfully, alarm written all over her eyes.

The moody conductor didn't take notice of their fear or rather didn't feel any sympathy for them. By the way what do you expect? Do you actually expect people with their own loads of problem to sacrifice their precious time to wake a couple of irresponsible slackers? The conductor rolled his eyes and directed his mouth on Jeremy's face...

- In case you haven't noticed, you guys aren't the center of the Universe where people bow down and worship you! wake yourselves up or maybe next time don't fall asleep.

Jeremy didn't liked the conductor's statement, he was still saddened because of the irreparable loose of their parents and standing right in front of him was someone disgusting, his anger boiled and the aura of his anger was clearly shown on his face. He was a head taller than the conductor so he rushed towards him, like he was about to tow him. He notice fear all over the conductor's face as he was about to make out words to fire a nasty insult at him.

Jessica held him and in a way he felt happy seeing that fear grippe the conductor.

-If you want to insult people next time, pick your size for your own safety, you are lucky my sister was here,i would have eaten you right now, and i mean eat you up alive.

The conductor trembled as Jeremy pronounced every word. Jessica held him tight knowing what damage he might cause if let loose.

- It's okay Jerry, you have already won, what more do you want? She begged him.

Jeremy suddenly turned from his abnormal anger, stared at his sister then turned to the conductor and stared at him for what seems to be endless. Finally he shook his head and looked down on the floor to where they were previously laying, their luggage and jackets were there waiting for them to pick them up.

He carried their luggage then shoved pass the conductor making sure that his shoulder hit him then stormed off towards the double door that were open to the chilly air. Jessica murmured an apology to the conductor as she followed him out from the train. Hearing Jessica's murmured, Jeremy knew that no matter how good she tried to be and no matter how many times she apologized for him, he wasn't sorry.

They stepped on the creaky wooden platform and took in their surrounding. They were in an old train station with few benches and a roof sheltering them from the snow, there was no store,no one in sight, everywhere was dark. They missed all the trains that would have taken them back to their right stop, fear gripped them and the sense of discouragement erupted inside both of them, the feeling that they were alone again took control of them.

Jeremy stared at his wrist watch; 2: 48am

They slept all afternoon, night and early morning. Why didn't someone notice them inside the train? Once again, they felt comfort in each other as fear entered their lonely world once again.

- What are we gonna do Jerry?

- Sit down here and wait for the next train

- Do you think that we will still catch up with the flight?

- No sis, it's obvious that we have missed the flight

- So?

- Common, just try and sleep,we can't be awake, we will hear the horn of the train when they commence work, no cause for alarm okay

With that, they both sat there and suddenly positioned themselves and dozed off.


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