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Uncle Slender.3

Updated on November 21, 2013

They slept for couple of hours but were both awoken by a noise, it was a barking dog. Jeremy gazed at the dog and imagined why it was barking, there was no sight of any object.

-It must be a foolish dog, barking at the star. He quietly said.

He threw an empty bottle of still water they had drank at the dog and it scared it away but they could no longer sleep as the dog had interrupted their dreamless sleep. Jeremy held Jessica's hand and told her how much he loved her and how much he would be there for her.

- The only family i have now is you, i don't know what Uncle Slender would be like, he might not treat us the way Dad and Mom treated us but whatever happens, Jessie, i want you to know that it is just the two of us, you are all I've got and i am all you've got so we should not allow anything to ever come between us. Remember what Dad said in the letter?

Jessica plopped down and leaned her head upon his shoulder then began to sing a song. Jeremy joined her and they both sang the song. Perhaps, that was the only thing they needed at that moment to help them put themselves together.

Jeremy looked at his wrist watch and it was 4:15am, 1:45mins more for the first train to run.

Jeremy held his sister's hand as he laughed, she wondered why he was laughing, knowing what was going on inside her, he shook his head and asked her...

-Why did you hold me when i rushed that stupid conductor?

Still leaning on his shoulder, she answered him calmly.

-You were going to hurt him so i had to stop you because we do not need any more trouble, we have had enough Jerry

Jessica slept off within seconds and realizing that she had slept off, Jeremy decided to take a quick nap, he was feeling dizzy so he closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep. It wasn’t long and he heard the train horn so opened his eyes but realized that it was an imaginary sound. However, Jessica was no longer leaning on his shoulder. She was not even anywhere to be found.

He called out but she did not answered so he became worried, it was 5: 15 already. He got up from the bench and walked down the platform, yelling and calling her name, the only thing he heard in return was echo of his own voice.

Thirty minutes had gone, still there was no sign of Jessica, and he became more confused as he tried to figure out what had happened.

Did she abandon him?

Jeremy could not comprehend the situation. Ever since the day their Dad died, he had vowed to protect her and to live up to the expectation of their Dad, slight tears drifted from his eyes as confusion took control of his thinking. He observed movement upwards but within him, he knew that it must be the station workers but he decided to walk up.

He walked few meters then heard a voice coming from behind the old canteen, it was Jessica's voice so he turned right and walked towards the canteen, it was no long dark, it was slightly dawn.

Jeremy searched the whole corner but couldn’t see Jessica. However, it dawned on him that she was playing game with him; she wanted to scare him so she sneaked out. It was typical her, she enjoyed playing hide and seek.

- Hello, i will find you. As much as he wanted to search and find her, he still had to remind her that they had just few minutes left. So he shouted that they had just few minutes left

His mind was distracted by a sound behind him so he turned and saw that same dog he chased away earlier, it was closer to him this time so he took a very good observation of it and realized that it was not a dog but a wolf. He was frightened at the look of the creature which showed no sign of backing off.

Jeremy called on to Jessica with all the energy in him but there was no response, he never thought that something bad had happened to her, he knew that she was hiding somewhere and wanted him to find her. But where would she be hiding in an open train station?

Just as he turned left to distract the wolf, he noticed a tarred path adjacent to a sign post which hanged above an old pole so he followed the path, few meters down he realized that there was someone breathing heavily, someone in pain, he tried to walk a bit fast but as he approached the end of the path, he saw nothing, there was no sign of Jessica either. At this moment, Jeremy wasn't finding it funny anymore; it was already 6:25am and to add to his worries, the train station had also not commenced operation.

There was no sign on anyone coming in or workers, the wolf had disappeared, he couldn't actually tell which way it went. He tried to figure out what was actually happening but just then, he realized that the whole platform and where he was standing was sandy, he couldn't understand what happened. Fear overwhelmed him so he tried to run but then he heard a voice called his name, it was Jessica’s voice. He turned left to the direction where the voice came from and saw the unimagined, unexpected and inexplicable.

Jessica had transformed into a snake, she curled herself round and looked up to him. He didn't know what to do, he was swollen with dread and confusion and he became wordless. He however gathered strength and began to run; all he wanted at this moment was to run away from the train station.


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