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Uncle Slender.4

Updated on November 21, 2013

Jeremy made it out from the train station with their entire luggage. He waved down a taxi which was the first nice thing he saw that early morning.

-Please take me to Steps airport

-50 bulks

- Drive

While inside the taxi, the driver asked him an unusual question.

-I thought it was suppose to be the two of you, where is Jessica?

Jeremy wondered how he got to know his sister's name; he became more frightened and lost every word to speak. He realized that the driver was smiling as he turned right and drove into the airport then pointed at a man. Jeremy could not understand it anymore. The taxi driver knows him and he knew who was waiting for him at the airport. He thought that the private air plane would have gone by now but it was still waiting. Twenty four hours late!

The view from the air plane showed him how dead the Island was. He was welcomes by Jeff, his Uncle’s steward.

Jeff, Jeremy, the Pilot and the only Hostess in the air place, walked in a tight line down the awfully dead path. Jeremy walked unpleasant and tried as much as he could to take in the unpleasant view of his new home. Every now and then, Jeff would yell at them to quicken their peace but with so many luggages, that was next to impossible for Jeremy. He was anxious to understand why their rich uncle lived in such a dead island.

He wanted to find out if he was cold and dead as the Island and the only place he could get his answers was throwing questions at Jeff. The Pilot and Hostess has been unfriendly from the moment the plane took off so there was no need expecting them to give him one possible clue why the two of them were the only ones working inside the air plane.

Every time a question was answered, another one was thrown.

-Why does Uncle live in such a lifeless place?

Jeff became silent, refusing to answer; he turned back and stared at Jeremy

-I am not a brochure or a tour guide so find out yourself and stop asking me questions

Jeremy couldn’t believe it, this guy has been friendly although he didn’t help with his three luggages but he was better than the Pilot and his mate. Jeremy was left imagining what was actually going on. He only got to know about Uncle Slender few days before their Dad passed away. He was their Dad’s younger brother.

He yelled at Jeff to help him with the luggage but he refused.

-Don’t you dare yell at me. Jeff fired

Jeremy was thrown into silence. After about ten minutes walk, they finally arrived at their destination. It was not a house at all but a gigantic mansion made almost entirely out of wood. There was hardly any foundation on the porch; holes of different shapes and sizes were broken in. Vines streamed up the towering wall of the mansion; white paint was peeled off everywhere revealing the rooting wood underneath.

The windows were covered with elephant grime. Jeremy luggage dropped to the ground as he gazed at the mansion astonished. He expected the house to look like this from the vegetation of the Island itself but didn’t expect it to look nearly as bad as the structure he was gazing at. He was filled with mixed emotions of amazement and horror but mostly horror. While Jeremy’s eyes were widen as deep as dinner plate, Jeff’s smile widened into a look of pride.

-Beautiful isn’t it?

Jeremy didn’t knew what to think, he was still thinking about Jessica and what happened at the train station, if he had any choice, it would have been to stay back at the train station but he was scared and confused. He shook his head in dismay and disappointment then carried his three luggage not realizing until that moment that they dropped from his hands. Jeff ushered him into the hall way.

There was a mighty door in the hall way, it was also made of wood, a craft door and was the only thing in good shape from all he had seen. What sparked his interest once more was the symbol of an eye crossed out by an X carved into the door, he wanted to ask Jeff a question but knew that he would not get the answer. He wanted to know why that symbol.

Jeff didn’t knock or anything of the sort but barged in as if he owned the place. The Pilot and Hostess did the same thing, they barged in and Jeremy followed them.

He realized once he got into that chamber that it was cleaner than the outside, there were lots of treasures standing at every corner and the tiny flames of lights from candles on the big golden chandelier gave the place a magnificent beauty.

The inside was also just woods as the outside, there was also large grand staircase that was coated with crimson carpet and the carpet patterned with golden robes, at the top of the stair was a loft with dark wooden railing and a double door leading elsewhere.

The Pilot and Hostess stood still; Jeff looked at Jeremy in awe…

-You are astonished I can see that from your look but don’t be because you will have all the time you want to get to see the entire mansion and its beauty.

With that, he asked Jeremy to wait then went into the next entrance through the door and entered into a big dining room. He came out about a minute later and waved at Jeremy to come in. He went in followed by the Pilot and Hostess.

The dining room was dimly lit like everything else, it consists of a long mahogany wood table and fancy chairs with red velvet cushioning. The walls were covered with both paint and black and white photographs framed in gold, the table cloth on the dining table was white and mare looking at the entire place, it occurred to Jeremy that he walked into a feast.

Although he was astonished at the whole thing. However that was the most horrific moment of his journey, he couldn’t but remember Jessica, and he tried to figure out what was actually going on. Over slept in the train, Jessica turned into a snake; the taxi driver knew of them, the plane kept waiting and now this, the most horrific sight that would give him a forever nightmare.

There were all kinds of creepy people gathered at the table and they were eating organs, liver, heart. One of them with a blue mask and looked like he had no eyes was eating kidney. Once they noticed the presence of Jeremy, they all stopped eating and remained still. Jeff went sideway and took his seat while the Pilot and Hostess stood beside Jeremy though distant. He couldn’t comprehend it.


Jeremy heard the question but after a while, he realized that it was actually him who asked the question, he spoke but didn’t knew, then he saw a figure got up from the rare end of the table, he has a well built frame, unnaturally tall, about 10 feet with a very long limb, he was a bit slender and wore a black and white business suit. But the frightening of all to Jeremy was that the figure standing right in front of him has no face.

He didn’t know what to do as fear took the whole of him; he was dead but standing and breathing. The only word he heard before blacked out was…

Welcome Nephew, I am your uncle Slender.


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