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Understanding A Writer

Updated on May 16, 2014

There Is A Recipe

I will get to that later

For now lets talk about the obvious

Always thinking about the here and now or years in the future

Trying to reconstruct the past

Taking the simplest thing and making it a big deal

Trying to make others understand

Often leaving frustrated and having a confused look on their face

Always attemting the impossible

Then translating it into words

Writing and rewriting the same line that know one else cares about except them

Sometimes telling a funny story

Where people try to give someone else the credit

Outgoing but can be a recluse

Often propelled by just one thought

Writing for hours on a whim

Then casting aside all their work

Like a shipwreck tossed on the beach on the next strong wave

Soon buried by life covered by sand

Some things are never good enough

Always trying to change the world

We can be found

Walking in the mist of nature

Holding a handful of rich earth in our hand

Tucked away in a corner reading a book no one has read in years

Loving more in fifteen minutes than others have loved in years

Carrying a smile like it was a cell phone

Glued to our bodies and cracking it open every chance we get

To know writer is to love everything good in life

Watching the bad pass by and trying to lasso it while it is not looking

Trying to get the jump on the morning and going to bed when everyone else is sound asleep

Going without food because they too busy searching for answers

Amazed by love

That ignites their passion and turns blank pages into works of art

Writing down words arranging them in a unique order

Like building a sky scraper

Years of planning but the result of endless hours of preparation and dedication

Only few will see

What it takes to make it

Enduring all the hardships and setbacks that pop up

Faster than dandelions in the grass

Never perfect but their heart always in the right place

Off to pull out an old dictionary

Just trying to find the right word

You can love them

You can leave them

Watch them sad and aggravated

As they slowly bleed internally

My best advice is to hold them

Listen to what they have to say

Love them more than before

Watch as your life becomes so exciting

You could never ask for more


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      HappyMikeWritter Ever wonder where ideas come from ? One minute your mind is blank and the next your over flowing with ideas like a bathtub that you left the water running.Oh no as you run to shut it off. You were busy and tried to do two things at once. You laugh and then cry because you have to clean up your mess. I am happy just to have someone read my stories and poems I combine together I call stoems.Thank you for reading and making my night. Isn't it something that we can lives thousands of miles apart and experience the same thing at one time or another. I am filled with so many thoughts at once I just have to slow down and enjoy another rainy but incredible day.

    • HappyMikeWritter profile image

      HappyMikeWritter 3 years ago

      DREAM ON: every writer lives in his own little world sorrounded by thoughts, emotions, visions. A writer is not a person who has schools to prove it. Writer is a person with a pure heart willing to share and change the world by their thinking. You are a writer!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      nighthag It is so nice to be among friends. We keep trying to find new ways to love the unbearable and find a home for the lost. We move passion to the front of the alphabet to remind everyone else we can all be part of something great. Keep the new ideas sizzling like bacon I can't wait to eat. Thank you for reading and sharing.

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 3 years ago from Australia

      We are a confusing species us writers, at times full of the complexities of life at other times as simple and open as a sunrise, a lovely breakdown on what it is to share our world... Thank you