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Unfeatured Poem: An Unfeatured Poem By Will McWryter

Updated on July 12, 2016

This poem is unfeatured

Because it is not very good

If you read it you will

Say to yourself, why did

I waste my time reading that?

I could have spent that time

Looking at bikini pictures

of Maggie Smith. Hot.


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    • profile image

      calculus-geometry 18 months ago

      ur write i should trust hubpage's

    • willmcwryter profile image

      Will Mcwryter 18 months ago from West Virginia

      wow you have nothing to feer because i wrote it bad on purpus and huppages is really strick about quality they would never feature a poem that wasnt good. you are being dissrispectful to huppages for even sugesting such a thing.

    • profile image

      calculus-geometry 18 months ago

      But what if HP features your poem???