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Unforgettable...Part 3

Updated on April 7, 2014
Pastor Muka Muyaya
Pastor Muka Muyaya | Source


My first home in America was at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. As an auto repairman in the military, my skills had brought me 30 thousand miles to a foreign land. Once I got to America, I pursued training for maintenance in heavy-duty equipment.

For two years, I traveled throughout America repairing vehicles and teaching vehicle repair at various military bases. In 1987, I completed my assignments but had no desire to return home under Mobutu's leadership. I applied for political asylum but was denied. Life became difficult for me, even unbearable. I regretted my decision to stay in America. It didn't help me to know that back home my name had been placed on a "red list". This meant if I returned to central Africa, I would be killed. So I asked God, "Why am I here in America?" I was in pain and didn't understand the plan of God for my life. I knew I wanted to go home, but all I could do was wait on God.

I was living in Baltimore, Maryland, when I called my cousin, Bejos who lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. After, I explained my situation, he told me to come to Cincinnati. I did. By the beginning of the New Year, I was living in Cincinnati. That's how I met Pastor Fred Shuttlesworth. He was such a famous person because of the civil rights movement for African Americans here in America. He had a very vibrant congregation and they welcomed me like a son. It was his teachings that brought me into the fullness of what God had planned for me in the service of Ministry. Under his leadership, I attended Temple Bible College and completed the necessary assignments to be ordained into ministry service.

When I came to America, I decided to send financial help to churches that needed it. I started off doing this with churches in the Kokolo Military Camp because I was in the military. Over the years, I sent money to many people in the world because I loved the Lord and wanted to give something back for what He had done for me.


I didn't know then, that all those times my mother woke me up for church back at the Kokolo Military Base in Kinshasa, she was strengthening me in the work of the Lord. Her calling me early in the morning to go to church was disturbing many times and I complained because I wanted to rest, but I went anyway. Sometimes the men who served under me wondered if I was a weak high-ranking officer because a woman was leading me to church everyday. I even sat with my underclassmen and fellowshipped with them. But this love for the Lord she had instilled in me was real. The soldiers knew this was not normal for an officer to fellowship with them, but I had no respect of persons and my God was real to me. Many of them accepted Christ because they saw how He operated in me.

Now when I look back, I see the relationship my mother had with Christ is what brought me to where I am. And the relationship she had with me helped me to help others. So when the Lord said, "You will bring this vision to past through relationships”, it took me a while to understand what He meant. But once I caught on, I began to see what He was talking about.

God's connecting me to Pastor Shuttlesworth, Pastor GoPaul, Pastor Cephas, Apostle Andrew, Bishop Bobby Hilton and all the people in my life had contributed more than I had realized. All these relationships had made a difference in my life. God had ordained them to happen at the respective time. Truly God knew; all your needs are met through relationships; with Him and your fellow man.

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