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Indolent Nation

Updated on August 19, 2023
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So many social issues deeply concern me, yet I'm astounded at comments I hear or read online that show a lack of compassion. Apathy is rife.

The tragedy that should not exist in a nation with rich resources: homelessness
The tragedy that should not exist in a nation with rich resources: homelessness | Source

Can we be Indifferent to Suffering and Retain our Humanity?

Have we seen such utter madness and encountered

so much sadness that they fail to touch us

any longer, and our horror is no stronger

than a passing thought or two?

There is nothing I can do!

If disease and deprivation, wars,

neglect, mass starvation, epidemics,

drug addiction, crime, riots,

and affliction ignite no distress within our soul,

must this not exact some toll?

Riots in cities....
Riots in cities.... | Source

Where is the Chorus of our Voices?

If we feel no indignation when a tyrant

soils his nation with a butcher’s flow

of blood, and a veritable

great flood of loud protests

isn’t heard,

why are we mute and speak no word?

When lawbreakers rampant

run, and our cities people shun, while we turn

our heads away, shed no tears…

demand no say. . . If we’re indifferent to this blight,

how can we rest content at night?

Violent crime across the nation
Violent crime across the nation | Source

The High Cost of Apathy

If atrocities in great number

fail to shake us

from our slumber, and we opt for non-commitment

when we witness gross maltreatment,

Apathy is manifested every single time we’re tested.

Then I tell you, friend,

most surely, a time will come

to face it clearly. After doom arrives, unhindered, we will grasp

what we’ve surrendered,

prisoners of our own indifference, victims of our moral absence.


NOTE TO READERS: I will appreciate your comments.

This is my original work and may not be reproduced by any method or used elsewhere without my express written permission. Plagiarism is theft of intellectual property.

War, War . . . and More Wars! When Will They End?


© 2011 Jaye Denman


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