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Unity as a Force

Updated on June 15, 2012

Unity as a force.

United we stand and divided we fall.

The above is the main principal of unity, it is oneness, unity is not division but togetherness and there is no peace without unity. When people are united, they care for each other so unity is a force of its own

Unity as a force: This can be equally considered as Love because love cannot exist without unity.

United we stand

The unity of a nation, community,mankind,race,tribe and or family is a force because untied we stand therefore Unity is defined as the state of being undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting.

The problems we face in the world today is because of lack of unity and this is what so many of us has failed to understand because many a time, I have heard people talk of oneness but how can there be ones if there is no unity among race, tribe and community therefore the point I am trying to put through here is the need for you as you are reading this today to understand that for unity to be, mankind must first and foremost accept each other.

A Christian who fail to accept a fellow Christian because of the fact that they both belong to different sects and yet talk of unity is nothing but a jack ass and this applies to other religion.


Let us put our hands on the table
Let us put our hands on the table

We cannot achieve spiritual oneness with division and there will never be peace in the world if black and white is not united.

You can be white and he can be black

But together we can all make this world

A better place...

Mankind is the creation of God

There is a purpose for each of us

If we are all together

The happier we shall be

Do not judge me by the color of my eyes or the texture of my skin because each time i look at you, i see me in your eyes therefore, let us unite and propel this world into the right direction where Muslims can feast with Christians and there will be no more, race, tribe,color or creed.

Together we can win this race and unite the World

United we stand

Unity as a force...
Unity as a force...


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