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Unmolested Eyes.

Updated on January 02, 2010

Unmolested Eyes.

Hail the last

female virgin,
vacuum sealed

and untouched,
a mail bride from

the nuclear free zone,
shipping and

handling extra.

Just eighteen

years old,
found in a shelter
just east of Washington,
secluded there

from age ten.
Parents weren't home

when the bombs hit,
leaving her enough

sustenance to endure
what has ravaged

and sterilized most of
the women we

all once cherished.

Want to sire children

free of defects?
Want to savor

memories from long ago
wrapped in silken

vintage flesh?

Sharing unmolested eyes.....
Care to own

the rarest of rare?

All bids accepted,
minimum starts

at ten billion,
Must be hand delivered

by midnight on

August 24th, 2022.
Anyone making

a bid that is

unable to honor it

will be shot.

*Please note:

No terrorist bids

will be accepted!
Such scum suckers

don't deserve 72 virgins

let alone this

last earthly one!




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