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Poem- Unnapprieciated

Updated on May 31, 2014


I use to try to tell you

every thought i had

it seemed as if you listened

but,did you ever hear?

so many things

i want you to know

i just want you to understand

Life is so unpredictable

and nothing goes as planned.

You wake up in the morning

see the warm sunrise

life is so different

looking out of my eyes.

Sometimes, i just want to leave

and never turn around

but i just can't move

can't get my feet off the ground.

I have so many dreams

I keep pushing aside

for you i let them go

when I became your bride.

I really feel unappreciated

like no one gives a dam.

I've lost so much time

maybe it's a scam.

even after reading this

you still won't recognize

The pain that's in my heart

or the sadness in my eyes.

VLH 02/04/2001


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